last changeSat, 26 Dec 2009 16:36:33 +0000 (17:36 +0100)
2009-12-26 Michael TrimarchiClean up the interface eclair master
2009-12-24 Michael TrimarchiAdd battery light support. This require a change in...
2009-12-24 Michael TrimarchiThe buttons lights don't have the max_brightness property
2009-12-17 Michael TrimarchiFix sensor for eclair branch
2009-12-16 Jim AnconaMichael Trimarchi's initial Eclair patch
2009-10-12 Michael TrimarchiOpen the device just one time.
2009-10-10 Michael TrimarchiFix the invalid initialization of the select read descr...
2009-10-10 Michael TrimarchiAdd activation and deactivation in gps ENGINE
2009-09-30 Jim AnconaMichael's patch - fix sensor deactivation and rotation
2009-09-25 Jim AnconaAdd copyright/license header
2009-07-09 Marcelo E.... Oops, add GPS stuff back donut cupcake-0.1.1
2009-07-08 Marcelo E.... Integrate the hardware interface under a single project
2009-03-03 Marcelo E.... Add missing brace. koolu-1.0 koolu-beta-5 koolu-beta-6
2009-03-03 Michael TrimarchiSimplify GPS code more
2009-02-28 Marcelo E.... Make GPS code less chatty in non-debug mode.
2009-02-28 Michael TrimarchiSimplify GPS code.
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