last changeMon, 3 Dec 2012 21:43:34 +0000 (23:43 +0200)
2012-12-03 Daniel LevinStat: Add source begin revision master
2012-12-03 Daniel LevinFinalize: Fix remerge date
2012-12-03 Daniel LevinStat: Fix missing base source manifest
2012-12-03 Daniel LevinStat: Correct author name for remerge commit
2012-11-29 Daniel LevinRemerge: Rebase to respect origin merge commits
2012-11-26 Daniel LevinFix cherrypickify generation
2012-11-23 Daniel LevinAdd
2012-11-22 Daniel LevinAdd and
2012-10-18 Daniel Levinmerge-branch: Make script executable
2012-10-18 Daniel Levinmerge-branch: Initial implementation
2012-10-18 Daniel Levincollect-commits: List empty project only in case is...
2012-10-18 Daniel Levinmerge-csv: Separate arguments for in/out feed format
2012-10-18 Daniel LevinGit: Return empty out/err string even if no output
2012-08-30 Daniel LevinDo 5 attempts to fetch Gerrit query
2012-08-17 Daniel LevinFix collecting added patches
2012-08-17 Daniel LevinRun Gerrit only single time per query
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