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last changeTue, 15 Sep 2009 11:01:15 +0000 (19:01 +0800)
2009-09-15 Chia-I WuUpdate and init.rc for donut changes. master
2009-06-01 Chia-I WuCompile wpa_supplicant with WEXT.
2009-05-18 Chia-I WuAdd patches directory for kernel patches.
2009-05-18 Chia-I WuCompile in ath5k.
2009-05-18 Chia-I WuClean up kernel cmdline.
2009-05-18 Chia-I WuIncrease boot partition size.
2009-05-18 Chia-I WuNo modules.
2009-05-15 Chia-I WuUse static IP
2009-05-15 Chia-I WuDo not start zygote by default.
2009-05-15 Chia-I WuPatched (16bit inteldrmfb) kernel.
2009-05-15 Chia-I WuIt's cupcake era.
2008-12-13 Dima ZavinInitial contribution.
8 years ago master