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2013-04-09 MarcoMerge branch 'master' into spanish
2013-04-09 MarcoAdded mk cyrillic to the table
2012-04-21 MarcoAdded char table for polish
2012-04-03 MarcoAdded croatian-serbian typographical filters
2012-03-25 MarcoAdded finnish characters to the table
2012-02-28 MarcoNew Utils function: append to file
2012-02-19 MarcoUpdated algos for a more balanced file storage.
2012-02-19 MarcoChanged algorithm to fix the path
2012-02-18 MarcoImproved the naming algorithm and updated the tests
2012-02-13 MarcoFixed the naming algorithm for very short names (using...
2012-02-12 MarcoTest for the filename chopping
2012-02-12 MarcoImported function compare_timestamp from AnAnarchistLib...
2012-02-10 MarcoAdded function to get the full path starting from the...
2012-02-10 MarcoAdded deep tests
2012-02-10 MarcoWritten the naming-convention algorithm and placed...
2012-02-09 MarcoMoved the migration function to the Text::Muse::Migrati...
2012-02-09 MarcoFixed the migration library
2012-02-07 MarcoAdded function to extract the header without opening...
2012-02-07 MarcoMoved duplicated code in Text::Muse::Utils