Change subject of the notification mail
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2013-06-08 MarcoChange subject of the notification mail
2012-11-20 MarcoFixed incorrect regexp in the main route
2012-08-30 MarcoForce the removing of trailing , and ; in the directive...
2012-08-26 Marcomanage redirect using #DELETED Redirect: new-bare-url
2012-08-25 MarcoUse redirect instead of forward for the legacy block
2012-08-20 MarcoCreated new /random route to get a random text
2012-06-27 MarcoProvide JSON api for the search, appending the paramete...
2012-06-21 MarcoAdded an option to the bookbuilder to set the body...
2012-05-13 MarcoFixed an insidious bug
2012-05-13 MarcoAdded a lockfile mechanism for the bookbuider
2012-05-10 MarcoRemoved old debug with Dumper
2012-05-09 MarcoUse the OO interface for temporary files (and hope...
2012-05-06 MarcoFixed the <title> mess.
2012-05-06 MarcoHouse-keeping. Cleaned up some old mess
2012-04-30 MarcoMinor fix (jquery always included)
2012-04-29 MarcoAdded the full form for searching
2012-04-29 MarcoDon't trigger the automatic typographycal fix on the...
2012-04-29 MarcoUse the new module to import the HTML
2012-04-23 MarcoAlways try to refresh the database.
2012-04-16 MarcoAdded email notifications for editings
2012-04-15 MarcoFixe
2012-04-15 MarcoImproved formatting of the message
2012-04-14 MarcoFixed the missing or wrong title in the indexes
2012-04-14 MarcoNicely format the git log
2012-04-14 Marcorefactored the filtering on the web
2012-03-27 MarcoFixed previous commit
2012-03-27 MarcoAdded support for different typographical rules
2012-03-25 MarcoFixed sitemap and legacy urls
2012-03-20 MarcoReverted last 2 commits
2012-03-20 MarcoFix
2012-03-20 Marcouse default author if SORTauthors is undefined
2012-03-19 MarcoRestored legacy url (also used for the printer-friendly...
2012-03-19 MarcoAdded a moderated mode. Only authenticated will be...
2012-03-18 MarcoDon't completely destroy the session on logout.
2012-03-18 MarcoFixed wrong legacy url
2012-03-17 MarcoMinor fix
2012-03-16 MarcoFixed sitemap. Use an old list of urls, without the...
2012-03-16 MarcoHooked the textcha into the bookbuilder
2012-03-16 MarcoRefactored the bookbuilder front-end. Seems to work
2012-03-16 MarcoAdded the antispam question for the uploading
2012-03-16 MarcoBetter layout of authentication mech
2012-03-16 MarcoRemoved debug plugin
2012-03-16 MarcoAdded printer-friendly version of the HTML (directly...
2012-03-16 MarcoImproved /login, redirecting to '/' if the user is...
2012-03-16 MarcoCleaned up uploading code and templates
2012-03-11 MarcoPlugged in the wysiwyg editor (blah)
2012-03-11 MarcoAutocompletion. Ugly as hell, but it works
2012-03-11 MarcoAdded an unoptimized ajax search under /new
2012-03-10 MarcoAdded tag cloud, inserted in the special pages.
2012-03-10 MarcoAdd the latest pieces to the special pages
2012-03-10 Marcofix
2012-03-10 MarcoAs side effect of the RSS building, pick the latest...
2012-03-10 MarcoAdded another check (no errors) before committing
2012-03-09 MarcoForce the undef on the archiveindex
2012-03-09 MarcoFixes
2012-03-09 MarcoSimplified the config. Now the absolute path is given...
2012-03-09 MarcoNasty renaming.