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2012-12-22 Felipe Raimanntemplates and corrections
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2012-12-21 Felipe RaimannTraducido al espaƱol
2012-08-23 MarcoUse the native language name for the listing
2012-08-22 Marcoquickfix for the bookbuilder current link
2012-08-22 MarcoRestyled the navigation bars. Added a secondary bar
2012-05-19 MarcoLet the scrapers ignore the forms
2012-05-06 MarcoFixed the <title> mess.
2012-05-06 MarcoFixed the navigation bar (hopefully)
2012-04-30 MarcoMinor fix to templates
2012-04-30 MarcoAdded the Toogler for the ToC
2012-04-29 MarcoAdded the full form for searching
2012-04-20 MarcoFixed templates and CSS
2012-04-20 MarcoPorted old style. Tweaked the
2012-04-16 MarcoCherry picked. author is not mandatory anymore
2012-03-16 MarcoBetter layout of authentication mech
2012-03-16 MarcoImproved /login, redirecting to '/' if the user is...
2012-03-12 MarcoAdded client side validation for the /new
2012-03-12 MarcoImproved the flash message for the commit
2012-03-11 MarcoAdded the jquery adapter for ckeditor (not sure if...
2012-03-11 MarcoAdded and plugged the ckeditor in the new entry page
2012-03-11 MarcoAutocompletion. Ugly as hell, but it works
2012-03-11 MarcoAdded an unoptimized ajax search under /new
2012-03-09 MarcoNasty renaming.