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2012-12-24 MarcoMerge branch 'master' into spanish
2012-12-24 MarcoText::Muse::escape_tex was performing typographical...
2012-05-13 MarcoModified the TeX output of <verse>
2012-03-19 MarcoEmbedded in the module the full default templates
2012-03-15 MarcoSplit the table and don't put the default caption with...
2012-03-14 MarcoPartially reverted the out-of-core typography.
2012-03-13 MarcoUpdated tests
2012-03-04 MarcoSupport for right-aligned things (handy for signatures)
2012-03-04 MarcoChanged the default template
2012-03-04 MarcoReplaced the \startalign[middle] with \startstopawikice...
2012-02-24 MarcoCorrected the manual and updated tests
2012-02-17 MarcoMoved typography stuff out of the core + updated test
2012-02-09 MarcoThe templates were updated
2012-02-05 MarcoFixed nasty bug with list shifting
2012-02-04 MarcoUpdated templates and testfiles
2012-02-04 MarcoFixed tests and sanitarized <title> and <lang>
2012-02-04 MarcoUpdated TeX template (we're almost there)
2012-02-04 MarcoUpdated tests