Merge branch 'master' into spanish
[amuse-wiki:amuse-wiki.git] / Text-Muse / t / Text-Muse.t
2012-12-24 MarcoMerge branch 'master' into spanish
2012-12-24 MarcoText::Muse::escape_tex was performing typographical...
2012-12-24 MarcoAdded failing test
2012-05-13 MarcoAdded another test file for verse
2012-04-28 MarcoCleaned up shortcuts to inline tags. Added tests
2012-03-14 MarcoFixed insidious bug where the nobreakspace was consider...
2012-03-14 MarcoAdded two more tests
2012-03-06 MarcoMore tests for broken files
2012-03-06 MarcoMagic patch to prevent Text::Muse to produce invalid...
2012-03-04 MarcoSupport for right-aligned things (handy for signatures)
2012-02-27 MarcoAdded the class="embedimg" to the images produced by...
2012-02-17 MarcoMoved typography stuff out of the core + updated test
2012-02-14 MarcoFixed a minor bug (where regular strings didn't collaps...
2012-02-14 MarcoAdded 3 tests for periods (but I was using the cache)
2012-02-07 MarcoMoved duplicated code in Text::Muse::Utils
2012-02-07 Marcouse strict; use warnings; in tests
2012-02-06 MarcoMoved tests for Text::Muse::Formats in the proper file
2012-02-04 MarcoUpdated tests
2012-02-04 MarcoFixed tests
2012-02-03 MarcoUse Carp instead of the standard die / warn
2012-02-03 MarcoFixed a crazy problem.
2012-02-03 MarcoRemoved the ugly empty <a> tags, using ids instead
2012-02-02 MarcoPlugged the code to scan the directives in the existing...
2012-02-02 MarcoAdded the function to separate the body from the header
2012-02-02 MarcoFixed inline syntax
2012-02-02 MarcoAdded testfiles for square brackets (which could be...
2012-02-01 MarcoAdded the manual to the tests
2012-02-01 MarcoAdd a more visible marker to the html (for textual...
2012-01-31 MarcoAdded tests for linking
2012-01-31 MarcoAdded support for Index, using a fake target [[idx...
2012-01-31 MarcoAdded full support for anchors, and alternate text
2012-01-30 MarcoFixed bug and test added
2012-01-30 MarcoSeems to work but testing is absolutely needed.
2012-01-30 MarcoHopefully fixed the [[single links]] (with no description)
2012-01-30 MarcoRefactored linkify_links to be ready for the refactorin...
2012-01-29 MarcoMoved testfiles in the "testfiles" directory under "t"
2012-01-29 MarcoPacked html and tex code for (relatively) safe inlining...
2012-01-29 MarcoDon't inline fake footnotes if the marker doesn't refer...
2012-01-29 MarcoImproved the footnote inliner avoiding recursion and...
2012-01-29 MarcoFixed the <verse> environment
2012-01-29 MarcoDon't use too many custom commands in the TeX output.
2012-01-29 MarcoAdded TeX linking and images (with tests)
2012-01-29 MarcoAdded TeX linking for [[link][desc]] (including images)
2012-01-29 MarcoRefactored the linking routine, to hold both the html...
2012-01-28 MarcoMore test files
2012-01-28 MarcoAdded test files
2012-01-28 MarcoAdded test for links
2012-01-27 MarcoAdded the html parser to manage the [[link][description]]
2012-01-27 MarcoImproved inlining
2012-01-27 MarcoAdded function to inline the footnotes
2012-01-27 MarcoAdded test for the inline syntax
2012-01-27 MarcoAdded the functions to escape the text
2012-01-27 MarcoAdded tests for lists
2012-01-25 MarcoRemoved unused functions (shouldn't be needed)
2012-01-25 MarcoDo some cleaning before splitting the lines.
2012-01-25 MarcoAdded the parser.
2012-01-24 MarcoInitial setting up
2012-01-24 MarcoInitial import