2012-04-09 Marcolisten only on localhost
2012-04-09 Marcohr stemming isn't supported
2012-04-09 MarcoMerge branch 'master' into hrvatski
2012-04-09 MarcoTuned the linkifier
2012-04-03 MarcoMerge branch 'master' into hrvatski
2012-04-03 MarcoAdded croatian-serbian typographical filters
2012-04-03 MarcoAdded croatian translations
2012-03-27 Marcoaestetics
2012-03-27 MarcoWork around the 502 thing
2012-03-27 MarcoFixed previous commit
2012-03-27 MarcoAdded finnish typographical rules
2012-03-27 MarcoAdded support for different typographical rules
2012-03-25 MarcoAdded a warning
2012-03-25 MarcoPrevent the to run as root
2012-03-25 MarcoAdded finnish characters to the table
2012-03-25 MarcoAdded apache virtualhost example
2012-03-25 MarcoFixed sitemap and legacy urls
2012-03-25 MarcoAdded the ReverseProxy middleware to the middlewares
2012-03-24 Marcominor fixing
2012-03-24 MarcoFixed tag cloud missing </a>
2012-03-24 MarcoAdded a marking to the debug
2012-03-24 MarcoRemoved useless debug
2012-03-24 MarcoAdded a restart option to the starman script
2012-03-24 MarcoFix the damned script
2012-03-24 MarcoAdded debug
2012-03-24 MarcoAdded debug
2012-03-24 MarcoAdded debug
2012-03-24 MarcoAdded a global compiler
2012-03-24 MarcoThe script now starts only Starman
2012-03-24 MarcoFix tests number
2012-03-24 MarcoFixed linkifier
2012-03-20 MarcoReverted last 2 commits
2012-03-20 MarcoFix
2012-03-20 Marcouse default author if SORTauthors is undefined
2012-03-20 MarcoFixed minor bug and added test
2012-03-19 MarcoUpdated the templates with corret id (as it could start...
2012-03-19 MarcoRestored legacy url (also used for the printer-friendly...
2012-03-19 MarcoEmbedded in the module the full default templates
2012-03-19 MarcoFixed templates bundled with Text::Muse
2012-03-19 (static building)
2012-03-19 MarcoAdded a moderated mode. Only authenticated will be...
2012-03-18 MarcoDon't completely destroy the session on logout.
2012-03-18 MarcoAdded warning
2012-03-18 MarcoGiven the correct <h4> to the form
2012-03-18 MarcoRemoved too verbose debug
2012-03-18 MarcoFixed wrong legacy url
2012-03-18 MarcoAdded the link to the manual in
2012-03-18 MarcoCorrected the manual
2012-03-17 MarcoMinor fix
2012-03-16 MarcoUse Dancer::Session::Cookie in production
2012-03-16 MarcoFixed sitemap. Use an old list of urls, without the...
2012-03-16 MarcoHooked the textcha into the bookbuilder
2012-03-16 MarcoRefactored the bookbuilder front-end. Seems to work
2012-03-16 MarcoAdded the antispam question for the uploading
2012-03-16 MarcoBetter layout of authentication mech
2012-03-16 MarcoRemoved debug plugin
2012-03-16 MarcoAdded printer-friendly version of the HTML (directly...
2012-03-16 MarcoImproved /login, redirecting to '/' if the user is...
2012-03-16 MarcoCleaned up uploading code and templates
2012-03-15 MarcoFixed default template for indexer
2012-03-15 MarcoFixed warning
2012-03-15 MarcoBefore using the poor embedded templates, try to look...
2012-03-15 MarcoDon't pollute the tex with tags
2012-03-15 MarcoAdded help string for muse-compiler
2012-03-15 MarcoFixed again HTML template
2012-03-15 MarcoFixed relative path on the HTML template
2012-03-15 MarcoAdded to the HTML template the minified CSS
2012-03-15 MarcoAdd margin bottom to footnotes
2012-03-15 Marcoadded vertical padding for .biblio and .play
2012-03-15 Marcoput the caption of table at the bottom via CSS
2012-03-15 Marcoremoved numbering from captions
2012-03-15 MarcoSplit the table and don't put the default caption with...
2012-03-15 MarcoMinor fix to the
2012-03-15 MarcoMinor tweaks
2012-03-15 MarcoTry to get a cleaner diff
2012-03-14 MarcoThe linkifier will dump another commit, just to be...
2012-03-14 Marcocreate directories if they don't exist
2012-03-14 MarcoAdded a counter
2012-03-14 MarcoBe smarter: typographical fixes are 1 separated commit
2012-03-14 MarcoFixed again the preprocessing. We just normalize the...
2012-03-14 MarcoDuring the migration add the LISTtitle + tests
2012-03-14 MarcoFixed insidious bug where the nobreakspace was consider...
2012-03-14 MarcoAdded two more tests
2012-03-14 MarcoPartially reverted the out-of-core typography.
2012-03-14 MarcoFixed the preprocessing to be more aggressive with...
2012-03-13 MarcoMinor fixes
2012-03-13 MarcoPlugged the filters in the migration script
2012-03-13 MarcoUpdated tests
2012-03-12 MarcoBetter safe than sorry with en-dashes
2012-03-12 Marcoupdated dependencies
2012-03-12 Marcoget the username for logged in
2012-03-12 MarcoUpdated style of the /new CSS
2012-03-12 MarcoThe cleaner now properly (hopefully) supports the ...
2012-03-12 Marcogive some margin to the label
2012-03-12 MarcoAdded client side validation for the /new
2012-03-12 MarcoImproved the flash message for the commit
2012-03-11 Marcoupdated (or apt-dated) the dependencies. JSON brought...
2012-03-11 MarcoUpdated credits with the js stuff
2012-03-11 MarcoAdded the language option
2012-03-11 MarcoPlugged in the wysiwyg editor (blah)