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2013-04-09 MarcoAdded mk cyrillic to the table
2013-03-10 MarcoFixed default EPUB layout
2013-01-25 MarcoDon't move dots around
2013-01-23 MarcoMore fixing
2013-01-21 MarcoDisable the spanish preprocessing for now
2013-01-21 MarcoHandle the case [[[http://links][desc]]] + tests
2013-01-20 MarcoReverted the ortographical “solo” spanish rule
2012-12-27 MarcoAdded the spanish typographical filters and more tests
2012-12-27 MarcoAdded spanish (failing) tests
2012-12-27 Marcominor refactoring
2012-12-24 MarcoText::Muse::escape_tex was performing typographical...
2012-12-24 MarcoAdded failing test
2012-12-17 MarcoUse --force with git add, so .gitignore won't complain
2012-12-04 MarcoBetter attachment names generated by default
2012-11-23 MarcoUpdated and corrected documentation
2012-11-20 MarcoImproved error message on Text::Muse::process_muse
2012-06-26 MarcoImproved embedded CSS of the EPUB
2012-05-20 Marcotest for russian list saving
2012-05-20 MarcoEnhanced the hr/sr typographical fixer
2012-05-17 MarcoChanged the embedded CSS style, removing the blobbed...
2012-05-15 MarcoAdded a comment about the reverse \N
2012-05-15 MarcoAdded a test fo leaks
2012-05-13 MarcoAdded another test file for verse
2012-05-13 MarcoModified the TeX output of <verse>
2012-05-13 MarcoAdded a lockfile mechanism for the bookbuider
2012-05-10 MarcoRemoved old debug with Dumper
2012-05-09 MarcoTry to clean up the mess created with the tests
2012-05-08 MarcoReplaced move with copy in
2012-05-06 MarcoComplicated fix to avoid ugly escapes in fields.
2012-04-28 MarcoFixed warning
2012-04-28 MarcoCleaned up shortcuts to inline tags. Added tests
2012-04-25 MarcoShrink the output
2012-04-25 MarcoAdded the job of to
2012-04-25 MarcoUse "none" as default stemmer
2012-04-22 MarcoAdded typographical rules for russian
2012-04-21 MarcoAdded char table for polish
2012-04-14 MarcoRefined the preprocessors (don't destroy the list with...
2012-04-09 MarcoTuned the linkifier
2012-04-03 MarcoAdded croatian-serbian typographical filters
2012-03-27 MarcoAdded finnish typographical rules
2012-03-25 MarcoAdded finnish characters to the table
2012-03-24 MarcoFix tests number
2012-03-24 MarcoFixed linkifier
2012-03-20 MarcoFixed minor bug and added test
2012-03-19 MarcoUpdated the templates with corret id (as it could start...
2012-03-19 MarcoEmbedded in the module the full default templates
2012-03-19 (static building)
2012-03-18 MarcoRemoved too verbose debug
2012-03-15 MarcoFixed default template for indexer
2012-03-15 MarcoFixed warning
2012-03-15 MarcoBefore using the poor embedded templates, try to look...
2012-03-15 MarcoAdded help string for muse-compiler
2012-03-15 MarcoSplit the table and don't put the default caption with...
2012-03-15 MarcoMinor tweaks
2012-03-14 MarcoFixed again the preprocessing. We just normalize the...
2012-03-14 MarcoDuring the migration add the LISTtitle + tests
2012-03-14 MarcoFixed insidious bug where the nobreakspace was consider...
2012-03-14 MarcoAdded two more tests
2012-03-14 MarcoPartially reverted the out-of-core typography.
2012-03-14 MarcoFixed the preprocessing to be more aggressive with...
2012-03-13 MarcoMinor fixes
2012-03-13 MarcoUpdated tests
2012-03-12 MarcoBetter safe than sorry with en-dashes
2012-03-10 MarcoAdded doc and fixed a left-over unused variable
2012-03-10 MarcoTest the mapping hash passed to the directive scanner
2012-03-10 MarcoSimplification: use only one type of mapping
2012-03-10 MarcoFixed search tests
2012-03-10 MarcoUntainting of the working directory not needed
2012-03-09 Marcothe Search::Xapian version prerequisite seems to want...
2012-03-09 MarcoUpdated MANIFEST for Text::Muse
2012-03-09 MarcoFirst fix
2012-03-09 MarcoSimplified the config. Now the absolute path is given...
2012-03-08 MarcoImproved debug message when dealing with files
2012-03-08 MarcoImported the old modules into "Legacy"
2012-03-07 MarcoDon't use two different templates for html
2012-03-06 MarcoMore tests for broken files
2012-03-06 MarcoMagic patch to prevent Text::Muse to produce invalid...
2012-03-05 MarcoAdded a marker for the comments, so textual browser...
2012-03-04 MarcoFixed web template
2012-03-04 MarcoSupport for right-aligned things (handy for signatures)
2012-03-04 MarcoChanged the default template
2012-03-04 MarcoReplaced the \startalign[middle] with \startstopawikice...
2012-03-03 MarcoAdded an argument if we want a "match any word"
2012-03-03 MarcoRemoved useless debug (which triggered a warning)
2012-03-02 MarcoAdded logging
2012-03-02 MarcoUse flock to lock the git while accessing it for writing
2012-03-02 MarcoAdded a access.log
2012-03-02 MarcoRemoved unused functions
2012-03-02 MarcoUse flock when printing to files. Also, do some sanity...
2012-03-02 MarcoMinor cleaning
2012-03-01 MarcoAdded a "sortbydate" table to the db
2012-03-01 MarcoIf all the fields are numeric, sort with <=>, not cmp
2012-03-01 MarcoExclude the deleted items from the indexing (we spare...
2012-03-01 MarcoFix to the bookbuilder
2012-03-01 MarcoAdded dependencies to the Makefile
2012-03-01 MarcoAdded to the makefile
2012-03-01 Marco+x
2012-03-01 MarcoAdded the bookbuilder backend script
2012-02-29 MarcoMake context quiter, we should be able to catch the...
2012-02-29 MarcoReset the signature to 0 if the file outputs Signature...