Another tweak
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2012-12-22 MarcoAnother tweak
2012-12-22 MarcoFix the Contents string
2012-12-22 MarcoReverted translations inside the code
2012-12-22 Felipe Raimanntemplates and corrections
2012-05-25 MarcoAdded the command to get the warning when the fonts...
2012-05-17 MarcoTemplates corrections
2012-05-13 MarcoModified the TeX output of <verse>
2012-05-09 MarcoFixed up the issues with latin modern
2012-03-19 MarcoFixed templates bundled with Text::Muse
2012-03-15 MarcoDon't pollute the tex with tags
2012-03-15 Marcoremoved numbering from captions
2012-03-05 MarcoLoad lmodern (or die :-\)
2012-03-04 MarcoFixed page numbering on last page for plain pdf
2012-03-04 MarcoDon't let so much air between the body and the page...
2012-03-04 MarcoFixed lua code. It's duplicated across the templates...
2012-03-04 Marcofixed the doublesided numbering for imposed formats
2012-03-04 MarcoSupport for right-aligned things (handy for signatures)
2012-03-04 MarcoImported the lua code correction from merge.head
2012-02-23 MarcoAdded a TeX template (standalone, no more modules,...
2012-02-23 Marco new file: