Use "none" as default stemmer
[amuse-wiki:amuse-wiki.git] / Text-Muse / t / Text-Muse-Wiki-Search.t
2012-04-25 MarcoUse "none" as default stemmer
2012-03-10 MarcoFixed search tests
2012-02-27 MarcoAdded a test with NOT operator
2012-02-26 Marcouse a temporary directory for tests
2012-02-26 MarcoCleaning up. Pick up the config values to index the...
2012-02-26 MarcoAdded config to testfile
2012-02-26 MarcoAdded extensive tests on the search
2012-02-26 MarcoAdded the indexer function. *Seems* too work
2012-02-26 MarcoAdded module for the Xapian search engine