9 years agowe want the changelog to be up-to-date, do we? ;-) v2.1.1
Lydia Pintscher [Fri, 12 Jun 2009 14:41:13 +0000 (14:41 -0000)]
we want the changelog to be up-to-date, do we? ;-)

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=980807

9 years agobump plugin version for 2.1.1
Lydia Pintscher [Fri, 12 Jun 2009 14:31:33 +0000 (14:31 -0000)]
bump plugin version for 2.1.1

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=980797

9 years agotypos--
Mark Kretschmann [Fri, 12 Jun 2009 13:17:38 +0000 (13:17 -0000)]

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=980711

9 years agofix tab order
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen [Fri, 12 Jun 2009 11:09:44 +0000 (11:09 -0000)]
fix tab order

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=980637

9 years agoChangeLog++
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen [Fri, 12 Jun 2009 11:09:41 +0000 (11:09 -0000)]

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=980636

9 years agoRemove option to purchase from directly using a credit card. Magnatune...
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen [Fri, 12 Jun 2009 11:09:37 +0000 (11:09 -0000)]
Remove option to purchase from directly using a credit card. Magnatune can no loger support this form of purchase and I am removing it completely. We are working on an alternative.
It is still possible to use gift card codes which can be purchased on teh site, and all membership features still work. I have not chagned any strings for this because of string freeze, but some of these will need changing when the freeze is lifted

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=980635

9 years agoremove unused method
Mark Kretschmann [Fri, 12 Jun 2009 09:37:17 +0000 (09:37 -0000)]
remove unused method

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=980621

9 years agoadd missing i18n
Laurent Montel [Fri, 12 Jun 2009 07:30:34 +0000 (07:30 -0000)]
add missing i18n

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=980588

9 years agoQt4 Headers
Nicolas Lécureuil [Thu, 11 Jun 2009 22:58:07 +0000 (22:58 -0000)]
Qt4 Headers

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=980536

9 years agoDon't hide the "On/Off" button for Dynamic Playlists if the window is
Mark Kretschmann [Thu, 11 Jun 2009 07:33:59 +0000 (07:33 -0000)]
Don't hide the "On/Off" button for Dynamic Playlists if the window is
not tall enough.

BUG: 195886

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=980116

9 years agoAdd safety check for 0-TrackPtr and some debug output to
Mark Kretschmann [Thu, 11 Jun 2009 06:42:46 +0000 (06:42 -0000)]
Add safety check for 0-TrackPtr and some debug output to

I could not reproduce the crash though.

BUG: 195959

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=980102

9 years agoMinor change: remove all the warning/disclaimer box on the top of the page, not only...
Simon Esneault [Wed, 10 Jun 2009 18:43:38 +0000 (18:43 -0000)]
Minor change: remove all the warning/disclaimer box on the top of the page, not only the first one

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979916

9 years agoTrying to solve
Andrey Esin [Wed, 10 Jun 2009 15:00:12 +0000 (15:00 -0000)]
Trying to solve
Please test it, who has special chars in username on Last.FM, if it won't work i will revert

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979844

9 years agoFix potential crash when closing Amarok while a scan is being performed. Since the...
Jeff Mitchell [Wed, 10 Jun 2009 14:35:36 +0000 (14:35 -0000)]
Fix potential crash when closing Amarok while a scan is being performed.  Since the XML parser runs in a separate thread, it could potentially still exist after the StatusBar has been destroyed, resulting in a null-pointer dereference.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979811

9 years agotext fixes
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen [Wed, 10 Jun 2009 13:14:29 +0000 (13:14 -0000)]
text fixes

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979693

9 years agoChangelog++ br 172953
Simon Esneault [Wed, 10 Jun 2009 12:30:53 +0000 (12:30 -0000)]
Changelog++ br 172953

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979667

9 years agoChangeLog++
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen [Wed, 10 Jun 2009 12:14:10 +0000 (12:14 -0000)]

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979662

9 years agoMake it possible to change the size (only downwards) of playlist layout elements...
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen [Wed, 10 Jun 2009 12:12:09 +0000 (12:12 -0000)]
Make it possible to change the size (only downwards) of playlist layout elements if the combined width of all elements exceed 100%. This can happen if dragging tokens between rows or manually editing a layout xml file, and previously made it impossible to fix the layout as there was no way to change the sizes of any od the elements.
Later a warning should be added for rows where the set width of items exceeds 100%, but this requires a string change so it will have to wait for a later version.
Also fix the size of the width slider so it does not overlap width the width display.
BUG: 195846

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979661

9 years agoChangeLog++
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen [Wed, 10 Jun 2009 09:58:16 +0000 (09:58 -0000)]

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979616

9 years agoDon't overwrite cached lyrics if we get a "Not found" result when looking for lyrics...
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen [Wed, 10 Jun 2009 09:56:59 +0000 (09:56 -0000)]
Don't overwrite cached lyrics if we get a "Not found" result when looking for lyrics. Instead use whatever is cached (if anything)
Cached lyrics are still overwritten whenever a valid result is found, but what the correct behaviour is in this and many other cases (what to prefer, showing cached or fetched lyrics, when to overwrite cached lyrics, and whetther to search at all if cached lyrics are present) is up for discussion IMO.
BUG: 195213

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979614

9 years agoFix typo
Jeff Mitchell [Tue, 9 Jun 2009 17:25:10 +0000 (17:25 -0000)]
Fix typo

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979396

9 years agoSVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
Script Kiddy [Tue, 9 Jun 2009 14:51:02 +0000 (14:51 -0000)]
SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979342

9 years agoCCBUG:172953
Simon Esneault [Tue, 9 Jun 2009 12:34:01 +0000 (12:34 -0000)]
Properly set the cover of Various Artist compilation at the end of the scan

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979276

9 years agoRemove extra layout margins from the borders.
Mark Kretschmann [Tue, 9 Jun 2009 09:49:36 +0000 (09:49 -0000)]
Remove extra layout margins from the borders.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979221

9 years agoMake it possible to delete multiple playlists at once from the "My Playlists" categor...
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen [Tue, 9 Jun 2009 09:26:09 +0000 (09:26 -0000)]
Make it possible to delete multiple playlists at once from the "My Playlists" category in the playlist browser.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979213

9 years agochangelog++
Mark Kretschmann [Tue, 9 Jun 2009 09:18:05 +0000 (09:18 -0000)]

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979209

9 years agoFix broken layout of "Edit Track Details" dialog.
Mark Kretschmann [Tue, 9 Jun 2009 09:17:59 +0000 (09:17 -0000)]
Fix broken layout of "Edit Track Details" dialog.

This problem surfaced mostly with KDE 4.3, but the basic error was
that we didn't set a "mainWidget" for KDialog.

BUG: 195081

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979207

9 years agoAlign labels (play count, score, last played) according to the text width, otherwise...
William Viana Soares [Mon, 8 Jun 2009 23:43:01 +0000 (23:43 -0000)]
Align labels (play count, score, last played) according to the text width, otherwise it doesn't look good in other languages.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979115

9 years agoFix bug 195242 moar properly. Don't keep regen-ing new instances of the scan manager...
Jeff Mitchell [Mon, 8 Jun 2009 22:37:04 +0000 (22:37 -0000)]
Fix bug 195242 moar properly.  Don't keep regen-ing new instances of the scan manager, just abort what's there.  Which means stop having the parser delete its parent for some odd reason.  Also a lot of pointer safety checks added.

BUG: 195242

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=979107

9 years agochangelog++
Mark Kretschmann [Mon, 8 Jun 2009 09:53:31 +0000 (09:53 -0000)]

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=978821

9 years agoDon't crash when starting a collection scan after a previous scan had
Mark Kretschmann [Mon, 8 Jun 2009 09:51:35 +0000 (09:51 -0000)]
Don't crash when starting a collection scan after a previous scan had
been aborted.

We destroyed the ScanManager instance when aborting the scan,
and then never instantiated it again, ending up with a 0-pointer dereference.
Now we reinstantiate the ScanManager automatically.

This seems the safest way to fix this issue for now. I pondered
refactoring the code to keep the ScanManager always alive, but this
would require major changes and seemed too risky at this point.

BUG: 195242

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=978819

9 years agoThe Q_ASSERT is not sufficient to check pointers
Erik Hovland [Mon, 8 Jun 2009 03:30:24 +0000 (03:30 -0000)]
The Q_ASSERT is not sufficient to check pointers

Q_ASSERT only asserts if Qt was compiled w/ QDEBUG on. So having
just the Q_ASSERT macro is not enough to protect against segfault
when that flag is not set. Adding an explicit null check as well.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=978746

9 years agoThe playlist dropped case is not handled right.
Erik Hovland [Mon, 8 Jun 2009 03:30:20 +0000 (03:30 -0000)]
The playlist dropped case is not handled right.

The playlist dropped case is not handled. Fine. But the code will actually
continue if the dynamic_cast didn't work. That means that the code will
segfault in the foreach loop. Not good. Better to change the code to do
what it should (check the dyn_cast for null return) and comment out the
whole if statement until a proper implementation can be put in.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=978745

9 years agoCheck the return value of
Erik Hovland [Mon, 8 Jun 2009 03:30:15 +0000 (03:30 -0000)]
Check the return value of

Since QFile::open() returns status information when open() is called,
we always try to check it. This one temporary file open() call was not
being checked.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=978744

9 years agoChangeLog++
Teo Mrnjavac [Sun, 7 Jun 2009 18:23:21 +0000 (18:23 -0000)]

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=978626

9 years agoReset total playlist time when the playlist is cleared.
Teo Mrnjavac [Sun, 7 Jun 2009 18:18:14 +0000 (18:18 -0000)]
Reset total playlist time when the playlist is cleared.
BUG: 153160

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=978625

9 years ago- Changed method image and setImage so that we can store an image for a MetaStream
Simon Esneault [Sat, 6 Jun 2009 18:36:12 +0000 (18:36 -0000)]
- Changed method image and setImage so that we can store an image for a MetaStream

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=978311

9 years ago- Clean code and output in debug + minor fixes
Simon Esneault [Sat, 6 Jun 2009 18:32:29 +0000 (18:32 -0000)]
- Clean code and output in debug + minor fixes
- Video added to the playlist now have the name of the artist, and the image downloaded

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=978307

9 years ago- Improved engine, no longer gets stuck never ever :) added a connection with job...
Simon Esneault [Sat, 6 Jun 2009 18:29:09 +0000 (18:29 -0000)]
- Improved engine, no longer gets stuck never ever :) added a connection with job finished b/c the slot result was not always called :/
 -Added some filtering if a video doesn't contain the title or artist in name label or in the desc, removed
- Added a lot of comment
- Clean the output in debug mode
- Reduce the number of job.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=978303

9 years agoFix potential crash (dereferencing 0-pointer) in
Mark Kretschmann [Sat, 6 Jun 2009 12:30:46 +0000 (12:30 -0000)]
Fix potential crash (dereferencing 0-pointer) in

@Reporter: Your backtrace was missing debugging symbols, so I had to
guess here a bit. Next time please make sure to install an Amarok-dbg
package before creating backtraces.

BUG: 195452

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=978212

9 years agoSVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
Script Kiddy [Fri, 5 Jun 2009 16:18:25 +0000 (16:18 -0000)]
SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977928

9 years agodon't include the colon twice, it's already in the i18n'd string already
Lukáš Tinkl [Fri, 5 Jun 2009 13:01:12 +0000 (13:01 -0000)]
don't include the colon twice, it's already in the i18n'd string already

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977783

9 years agofix formatting
Peter Zhou [Fri, 5 Jun 2009 07:49:33 +0000 (07:49 -0000)]
fix formatting

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977726

9 years agoadd tag existence check before encoding probing
Peter Zhou [Fri, 5 Jun 2009 07:44:37 +0000 (07:44 -0000)]
add tag existence check before encoding probing

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977725

9 years agoscript API version check in the script manager. We should make the GetHotStuff work...
Peter Zhou [Fri, 5 Jun 2009 07:39:51 +0000 (07:39 -0000)]
script API version check in the script manager. We should make the GetHotStuff work with versioning before informing the script authors to pay attention to the versioning.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977721

9 years ago....always forget the changelog
Leo Franchi [Thu, 4 Jun 2009 22:43:48 +0000 (22:43 -0000)]
....always forget the changelog

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977661

9 years agoremove the 60 track limit on compilations. doesn't seem to be O(n^2) and
Leo Franchi [Thu, 4 Jun 2009 21:52:34 +0000 (21:52 -0000)]
remove the 60 track limit on compilations. doesn't seem to be O(n^2) and
doing it for a 1200 track collection takes 0.0015 seconds.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977647

9 years agoAn animated text widget
Simon Esneault [Wed, 3 Jun 2009 18:12:41 +0000 (18:12 -0000)]
An animated text widget

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977263

9 years agoReduce minimum height of the config dialog again, after Leo's recent
Mark Kretschmann [Wed, 3 Jun 2009 16:56:25 +0000 (16:56 -0000)]
Reduce minimum height of the config dialog again, after Leo's recent
commit had increased it. Especially important for netbooks and other
small screen devices.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977238

9 years agoactually make scripted services able to set a custom svg emblem, to be
Leo Franchi [Wed, 3 Jun 2009 16:54:00 +0000 (16:54 -0000)]
actually make scripted services able to set a custom svg emblem, to be
shown in the current applet

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977236

9 years agoMikko pointed out that "ft." is also commonly used for featuring.
Jeff Mitchell [Wed, 3 Jun 2009 14:16:14 +0000 (14:16 -0000)]
Mikko pointed out that "ft." is also commonly used for featuring.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977150

9 years agoOkay, normal behavior isn't normal :-)
Jeff Mitchell [Wed, 3 Jun 2009 14:12:07 +0000 (14:12 -0000)]
Okay, normal behavior isn't normal :-)

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977140

9 years agoRemove duplicated code, and a couple other changes:
Jeff Mitchell [Wed, 3 Jun 2009 14:02:12 +0000 (14:02 -0000)]
Remove duplicated code, and a couple other changes:
1) Add "f." as an acceptible "featuring" substitute (like "feat.")
2) Change detection code to have spaces around " featuring ", " feat. " and " f. ".  Reasoning: This is normal behavior, and also removes the slight possibility of false positives in the abbreviated cases.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977118

9 years agotry to escape lyrics properly for the nth time :)
Leo Franchi [Wed, 3 Jun 2009 12:10:26 +0000 (12:10 -0000)]
try to escape lyrics properly for the nth time :)

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977050

9 years agomake sure to paint with new size immediately
Leo Franchi [Wed, 3 Jun 2009 11:36:18 +0000 (11:36 -0000)]
make sure to paint with new size immediately

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=977042

9 years agoFix inconsistency in the slider widget: When the mouse cursor was
Mark Kretschmann [Wed, 3 Jun 2009 07:26:05 +0000 (07:26 -0000)]
Fix inconsistency in the slider widget: When the mouse cursor was
released outside of the slider, the slider jumped back to the old
position, but the actual position was not reset.

Thanks to Senol Korkmaz <> for the patch :)

BUG: 195065

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976975

9 years agochangelog
Leo Franchi [Tue, 2 Jun 2009 18:08:12 +0000 (18:08 -0000)]

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976819

9 years agoadd Hide Context View option to general settings, as discussed at the
Leo Franchi [Tue, 2 Jun 2009 18:08:06 +0000 (18:08 -0000)]
add Hide Context View option to general settings, as discussed at the

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976818

9 years agoSVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
Script Kiddy [Tue, 2 Jun 2009 13:46:51 +0000 (13:46 -0000)]
SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976738

9 years agofix leak, clean up after ourselves
Leo Franchi [Tue, 2 Jun 2009 10:13:03 +0000 (10:13 -0000)]
fix leak, clean up after ourselves


svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976618

9 years agoDuring port of MTP to 2.0, somehow code initializing supported filetypes got lost...
Alejandro Daniel Wainzinger [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 22:10:00 +0000 (22:10 -0000)]
During port of MTP to 2.0, somehow code initializing supported filetypes got lost, but never noticed since MTP dev only really had mp3/ogg files.
Thanks to Marcus Schneider
~lart xevix

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976528

9 years agoChangelog++
Gary David Steinert [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 16:18:04 +0000 (16:18 -0000)]

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976415

9 years agoRevert "If 'Stop ater this track' is set, then a track is queued, remove the 'Stop...
Gary David Steinert [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 16:01:13 +0000 (16:01 -0000)]
Revert "If 'Stop ater this track' is set, then a track is queued, remove the 'Stop after this track' so that the queued track will be played."

This reverts commit 8541fe31f4705d5f74afb092a01e575b978f7d6f.

Heh, sorry guys, forgot i'd committed this one locally =/

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976410

9 years agoAllow cancelling of rename input box in playlist layout dialog
Gary David Steinert [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 15:57:25 +0000 (15:57 -0000)]
Allow cancelling of rename input box in playlist layout dialog


svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976409

9 years agoIf 'Stop ater this track' is set, then a track is queued, remove the 'Stop after...
Gary David Steinert [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 15:57:06 +0000 (15:57 -0000)]
If 'Stop ater this track' is set, then a track is queued, remove the 'Stop after this track' so that the queued track will be played.


svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976408

9 years agoUse a busywidget when fetching information, that looks good :)
Simon Esneault [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 15:23:39 +0000 (15:23 -0000)]
Use a busywidget when fetching information, that looks good :)
And also clean the indent

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976402

9 years agoMakes sure all the job are done before to send the message "no video"
Simon Esneault [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 15:21:56 +0000 (15:21 -0000)]
Makes sure all the job are done before to send the message "no video"

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976399

9 years agoRestore the correct indentation
Simon Esneault [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 13:20:15 +0000 (13:20 -0000)]
Restore the correct indentation

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976299

9 years agoAdd Gary's playlist loading fix.
Mark Kretschmann [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 11:38:56 +0000 (11:38 -0000)]
Add Gary's playlist loading fix.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976234

9 years agoCode cleanup
Gary David Steinert [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 11:17:57 +0000 (11:17 -0000)]
Code cleanup

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976232

9 years agoFix for .m3u files. The m3u code is redundant now =)
Gary David Steinert [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 10:54:26 +0000 (10:54 -0000)]
Fix for .m3u files. The m3u code is redundant now =)


svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976227

9 years agoFixes problems with .pls playlists not being loaded from command line.
Gary David Steinert [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 10:41:54 +0000 (10:41 -0000)]
Fixes problems with .pls playlists not being loaded from command line.

This code now matches the 'Add media' menu item code. Converting the list to TrackPtrs
appears to bea pointless step, which breaks any playlist format not already processed
(i.e. anything other than .m3u)


svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976224

9 years agomore
Mark Kretschmann [Mon, 1 Jun 2009 07:09:16 +0000 (07:09 -0000)]

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976170

9 years agoescape title and artist. also, word wrap lyrics.
Leo Franchi [Sun, 31 May 2009 19:26:47 +0000 (19:26 -0000)]
escape title and artist. also, word wrap lyrics.

BUG: 194791

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=976059

9 years agoPrevent users creating playlist layouts with names containing '/'.
Gary David Steinert [Sun, 31 May 2009 15:34:51 +0000 (15:34 -0000)]
Prevent users creating playlist layouts with names containing '/'.

There may be a more elegant way of doing this (possibly allowing the slashes and
dealing with them better when it comes to saving) but this will fix the bug.

Also, swap caption and text in a few dialogs so that they read correctly.


svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975995

9 years agoSVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
Script Kiddy [Sun, 31 May 2009 14:25:11 +0000 (14:25 -0000)]
SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975967

9 years agoFix some misplaced whitespaces.
Mark Kretschmann [Sun, 31 May 2009 14:06:20 +0000 (14:06 -0000)]
Fix some misplaced whitespaces.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975947

9 years agoMake the debug output work like god, country, and mxcl intended it to be:
Mark Kretschmann [Sun, 31 May 2009 13:45:13 +0000 (13:45 -0000)]
Make the debug output work like god, country, and mxcl intended it to be:

Debug statements are now correctly indented, so that you can easily see
the nesting structure of method calls (very handy).

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975904

9 years agomove an applet out of the way as well as hide it, as hiding a QGI
Leo Franchi [Sun, 31 May 2009 10:26:02 +0000 (10:26 -0000)]
move an applet out of the way as well as hide it, as hiding a QGI
doesn't hide it's children too it seems.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975820

9 years agoadd a bunch of debug to try to narrow down the problem
Leo Franchi [Sun, 31 May 2009 10:13:02 +0000 (10:13 -0000)]
add a bunch of debug to try to narrow down the problem

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975814

9 years agopartial fix for last commit, still some weirdness, but no crash.
Leo Franchi [Sun, 31 May 2009 10:09:07 +0000 (10:09 -0000)]
partial fix for last commit, still some weirdness, but no crash.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975812

9 years agoupdate size in constraintsEvent rather than paintInterface so it's
Leo Franchi [Sun, 31 May 2009 09:49:41 +0000 (09:49 -0000)]
update size in constraintsEvent rather than paintInterface so it's
correctly sized as soon as it is shown

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975806

9 years agoFix crash when removing applets (0-pointer dereference).
Mark Kretschmann [Sun, 31 May 2009 09:34:55 +0000 (09:34 -0000)]
Fix crash when removing applets (0-pointer dereference).

lfranchi: Could you please review the fix? It fixes the crash, but maybe
the real problem is somewhere deeper, not sure.

[KCrash Handler]
6  0xb76f4279 in QGraphicsLayoutItem::geometry () from
7  0xb7a6eff9 in Context::AppletItemOverlay::syncGeometry
(this=0x95a43c0) at

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975801

9 years agoUnbreak debug output indentation.
Mark Kretschmann [Sun, 31 May 2009 09:16:56 +0000 (09:16 -0000)]
Unbreak debug output indentation.

"gettimeofday() and settimeofday() return 0 for success, or -1 for fail-
 ure (in which case errno is set appropriately)."

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975796

9 years agofixing the mpeg tag encoding problem. The old code may possibly cause crash, and...
Peter Zhou [Sun, 31 May 2009 08:46:34 +0000 (08:46 -0000)]
fixing the mpeg tag encoding problem. The old code may possibly cause crash, and could not decode UTF-8 tag correctly.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975791

9 years agofixing the mpeg tag encoding problem. The old code may possibly cause crash, and...
Peter Zhou [Sun, 31 May 2009 08:45:51 +0000 (08:45 -0000)]
fixing the mpeg tag encoding problem. The old code may possibly cause crash, and could not decode UTF-8 tag correctly.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975790

9 years agothis fix the Amarok.Playlist.addMediaList problem, maybe need to verify the QVariant...
Peter Zhou [Sat, 30 May 2009 16:09:28 +0000 (16:09 -0000)]
this fix the Amarok.Playlist.addMediaList problem, maybe need to verify the QVariant before using it?

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975645

9 years agofix bookmark applet sizehint.
Leo Franchi [Sat, 30 May 2009 14:24:08 +0000 (14:24 -0000)]
fix bookmark applet sizehint.

BUG: 194664

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975528

9 years agoAdd comment.
Mark Kretschmann [Sat, 30 May 2009 11:24:30 +0000 (11:24 -0000)]
Add comment.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975467

9 years agoRegister MetaType QList<QUrl> to make the Playlist.addMediaList script
Mark Kretschmann [Sat, 30 May 2009 11:10:46 +0000 (11:10 -0000)]
Register MetaType QList<QUrl> to make the Playlist.addMediaList script
function work.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975465

9 years agoFix release script: #custom was never called because #respond_to? always
Mark Kretschmann [Sat, 30 May 2009 10:03:37 +0000 (10:03 -0000)]
Fix release script: #custom was never called because #respond_to? always

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975450

9 years agoimport the new and still broken release script from
Lydia Pintscher [Sat, 30 May 2009 08:34:20 +0000 (08:34 -0000)]
import the new and still broken release script from in an effort to get more people to fix it and to have it in the place it should be, in KDE'S SVN

things still known to be broken:
* APP_VERSION doesn't get changed to the release version number
* folders that are not supposed to be in the tarball like HACKING are not deleted
* probably some more

Would be most awesome if someone could help with that so I don't have to spend more than 4h on tagging and do 6 tarballs again.


svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975433

9 years agodelete old release script chaos in an effort to clean up and get the new release...
Lydia Pintscher [Sat, 30 May 2009 08:07:29 +0000 (08:07 -0000)]
delete old release script chaos in an effort to clean up and get the new release script in
I've had enough...

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975422

9 years agoUse APP_VERSION instead of hardcoding the version string.
Mark Kretschmann [Sat, 30 May 2009 07:39:01 +0000 (07:39 -0000)]
Use APP_VERSION instead of hardcoding the version string.

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975417

9 years agofix incorrect string
Leo Franchi [Fri, 29 May 2009 20:12:48 +0000 (20:12 -0000)]
fix incorrect string

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975298

9 years agochangelogificacion
Leo Franchi [Fri, 29 May 2009 20:07:19 +0000 (20:07 -0000)]

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975282

9 years agoadd a scalable emblem property to SourceInfoCapability. this allows the
Leo Franchi [Fri, 29 May 2009 20:07:10 +0000 (20:07 -0000)]
add a scalable emblem property to SourceInfoCapability. this allows the
currenttrack applet to display a large badge for the current source. atm
only used by, need a good svg for the magnatune
and mp3tunes one.

fix merge

center vertically

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975281

9 years agoload m3u files that are local, specified on the commandline, to playlist
Leo Franchi [Fri, 29 May 2009 20:06:58 +0000 (20:06 -0000)]
load m3u files that are local, specified on the commandline, to playlist

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975280

9 years agolay out above CV with some padding for applets that have a flowing
Leo Franchi [Fri, 29 May 2009 20:06:48 +0000 (20:06 -0000)]
lay out above CV with some padding for applets that have a flowing

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975278

9 years agoas discussed at the sprint, rename ::as to ::create, and ::asCapability
Leo Franchi [Fri, 29 May 2009 20:06:26 +0000 (20:06 -0000)]
as discussed at the sprint, rename ::as to ::create, and ::asCapability
to ::createCapability

svn path=/trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/; revision=975276