2011-02-06 Ralf EngelsSeveral bias bugfixes
2011-02-06 Ralf EngelsImprove LastFM biases
2011-02-04 Ralf EngelsAuto tests for DynamicModel
2011-01-31 Ralf EngelsImprove WeeklyTopBias
2011-01-31 Ralf EngelsFix crash in BiasedPlaylist
2011-01-31 Ralf EngelsFix BiasSolver endless loop
2011-01-31 Ralf EngelsMerge branch 'dynamicplaylist' of
2011-01-31 Ralf EngelsReplacementBias
2011-01-30 Ralf EngelsFix problems with EchoNestBias
2011-01-19 Ralf EngelsFix bias changed
2011-01-19 Ralf EngelsMerge branch 'dynamicplaylist' of
2011-01-18 Ralf EngelsSmarter lastChar for QuizPlayBias
2011-01-18 Ralf EngelsFix deadlock in LastFmBias
2011-01-11 Ralf EngelsMerge remote branch 'kde/master' into dynamicplaylist
2011-01-11 Ralf EngelsMore non-collection album names and special handling...
2011-01-11 Ralf EngelsSave modified state of dynamic playlist
2011-01-11 Teo MrnjavacAdded a roktober donor to the donors list of our Social...
2011-01-11 Sergey IvanovTypo fix
2011-01-11 Ralf EngelsAgain scrollable with slim progress bar
2011-01-11 Sergey IvanovUpdate breadcrumbs on service insert/remove.
2011-01-11 Mark KretschmannStyle fixes, add stubs.
2011-01-11 Mark KretschmannIt's the year 2011 now. We all got one year older.
2011-01-11 Sergey IvanovFixed issue with TagDialog that make metadata fields...
2011-01-11 Sergey IvanovFixed missing equel-sign ('=') in filter string of...
2011-01-11 Nikhil MaratheAdded credit to Tomasz Dudzik for 2.4 Splash Screen
2011-01-11 Lydia Pintscherbump plugin version for 2.4.0
2011-01-11 Mark KretschmannOnce again, a slightly improved version of the Splash...
2011-01-10 Ralf EngelsFix wrong energy function for AndBias and OrBias
2011-01-10 Ralf EngelsFix QuizPlayBias
2011-01-10 Ralf EngelsFix compiling. Fix crash when removing dynamic playlist
2011-01-10 Ralf EngelsFurther weekly top bias
2011-01-09 Sergey IvanovFix crash on copying tracks between collection.
2011-01-09 Ralf EngelsRevert "Make Ampache covers available through DBus"
2011-01-09 Mark Kretschmannpedantic
2011-01-09 Mark KretschmannAdd correct PNG of splash.
2011-01-09 Mark KretschmannImproved version of the Splash Screen.
2011-01-09 Sven KrohlasChangeLog++
2011-01-09 Michael JansenIf the music cd is in /dev/cdrom[1-x] and not /dev...
2011-01-09 Michael JansenFactor out construction of the audiocd:/ URL.
2011-01-08 Mark KretschmannFix major issue with the Collection missing whole album...
2011-01-08 Ralf EngelsNew test case for markeys scanning problem
2011-01-08 Nikhil MaratheAdded original 2.4 splash screen PNG to version control.
2011-01-08 Alexander Potashevreduce code duplication (combo box list)
2011-01-08 Ralf EngelsFurther LastFmBias improvements
2011-01-08 Sven KrohlasMake NetworkAccessManagerProxy::getData honor redirects
2011-01-08 Harald SitterQLatin1String is supreme for comarision
2011-01-07 Ralf EngelsPrevent problems enabling the slim progress bar for...
2011-01-07 Soren HarwardAPG: Revert having TagMatch use MetaQueryWidget
2011-01-07 Ralf EngelsFix import of replay gain
2011-01-07 Ralf EngelsFirst played song cannot be seeked with slim toolbar
2011-01-07 Ralf EngelsPrevent trouble with empty database
2011-01-07 Ralf EngelsStop scanner when quiting Amarok Bug 261421
2011-01-07 Ralf EngelsSmall improvement for MetaTagLib.cpp
2011-01-07 Ralf EngelsNew QuizBias. Update LastFmBias
2011-01-07 Mark KretschmannRevert "Make playlist insert with AppendAndPlay not...
2011-01-07 Mark Kretschmann* Fix version label.
2011-01-07 Mark KretschmannActually use the config for the splash screen. Before...
2011-01-07 Mark KretschmannFix crash on first startup, with clean config.
2011-01-06 Ralf EngelsStop scanner when quiting Amarok Bug 261421
2011-01-06 Ralf EngelsFixed AlbumPlay, Further EchoNest
2011-01-06 Bart CerneelsForce episode load before updating.
2011-01-05 Sergey IvanovLeave all pending files untouched in case of error...
2011-01-05 Ralf EngelsCompile EchoNestBias. Move biases to dynamic/biases
2011-01-05 Nikhil MaratheSplash screen updated for 2.4.
2011-01-04 Bart CerneelsFix new playlist inline renaming.
2011-01-04 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-01-03 Ralf EngelsFix PartBias, improve widget layout
2011-01-02 Sergey IvanovFix crash when moving tracks between collections.
2011-01-02 Sergey IvanovFixed issue with UMS Collection that made amarok to...
2011-01-02 Sergey IvanovMake amarok save current playlist in case of forced...
2011-01-01 Ralf EngelsFurther work on the PartBias
2011-01-01 Ralf EngelsLess collection scanner output
2011-01-01 Ralf EngelsBugfixes for loading playlists
2010-12-31 Ralf EngelsPartBias widgets and logic
2010-12-31 Sergey IvanovMake collection filter combobox store history of change...
2010-12-31 Sergey IvanovFix tab order in TagDialog.
2010-12-30 Ralf EngelsImprove bias widgets
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsUseful note relating to on demand track loading.
2010-12-30 Bart Cerneelsdebug--
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsUseless debug--
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsFix mistakes in podcast download filename.
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsTrigger ondemand track load before calling tracks()
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsFix PLS export incorrect index.
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsOndemand loading of PLS playlist tracks.
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsLoad M3U tracks on demand.
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsDon't load tracks twice.
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsImplement on demand podcast loading.
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsAdd missing default implementation for episodes.
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsImplement dynamic loading of tracks.
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsImplement cheap trackCount.
2010-12-30 Bart CerneelsStyle fix in header.
2010-12-29 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2010-12-28 Sergey IvanovFixed issue with the Organize Files Dialog that prevent...
2010-12-27 Ralf EngelsMerge branch 'kde-master' into dynamicplaylist
2010-12-27 Bart Cerneelsdebug--
2010-12-27 Bart Cerneelsdebug-- and style++
2010-12-27 Bart CerneelsCleanup debug from M3UPlaylist.
2010-12-27 Bart CerneelsFix new folder inline rename.
2010-12-27 Bart CerneelsFix playlist folder/label renaming.
2010-12-27 Bart CerneelsRemoved useless and unused functions.