2011-12-09 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-12-08 Bart CerneelsReset donators list and add Rocktober donators.
2011-12-08 Bart CerneelsVisual changes to bottom toolbars.
2011-12-08 Bart CerneelsLess code duplication in PaletteHandler.
2011-12-08 Bart CerneelsGet rid of some qDebug().
2011-12-08 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-12-07 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-12-06 Stefan DerkitsUpdated README to include correct libmygpo-qt version
2011-12-06 Rick W. ChenMake sure url is encoded when converting wikipedia...
2011-12-06 Matěj LaitlScanResultProcessor: allow albums with empty name but...
2011-12-04 Matěj LaitlFix completely bogus MediaDeviceHandler::removeMediaDev...
2011-12-04 Matěj LaitlMediaDeviceCollection: do not cache used capacity w...
2011-12-04 Matěj Laitlmedia device collection: normalize SIGNAL & SLOT macros
2011-12-04 Ralf EngelsFix crash at exit with Qt 4.8
2011-12-03 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-12-02 Sven KrohlasAmazon store: More intelligent searching for album...
2011-12-02 Sven KrohlasSet compilation status for albums
2011-12-02 Sven KrohlasForgot to make parameters const
2011-12-02 Sven KrohlasAmazon parser optimizations: pass QStrings as references
2011-12-02 Sven KrohlasSmall Amazon parser optimizations
2011-12-02 Rick W. Chenlastfm: load friend/neighbour avatars on demand
2011-12-02 Rick W. ChenUpdate tracks recently played widget only when needed
2011-12-02 Rick W. ChenFix moving applets rightward in the context toolbar
2011-12-02 Rick W. ChenFix breadcrumbs not working for the file browser
2011-12-01 Sven KrohlasShow cover for all tracks from the Amazon store in...
2011-12-01 Rick W. ChenServiceAlbumCoverDownloader: delete automatically when...
2011-12-01 Rick W. ChenMinor improvements/style fix
2011-12-01 Rick W. ChenDisable cover fetching action for tracks not in the...
2011-12-01 Rick W. ChenTagDialog: draw album cover with border
2011-12-01 Rick W. ChenTagDialog: make sure krun opens at the right directory
2011-12-01 Rick W. ChenInfoParser: emit html qstring as const&
2011-12-01 Rick W. ChenInfoParser: don't dump entire html to debug
2011-12-01 Rick W. ChenSvgHandler: use url() for image location key instead...
2011-12-01 Rick W. ChenFix service albums cover not being set after successful...
2011-12-01 Rick W. ChenFix crash in CoverFoundDialog if progress dialog is...
2011-12-01 Rick W. Chenlyrics: remove unnecessary setCollapseOn on init
2011-12-01 Rick W. ChenRemove unused signal
2011-11-30 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-11-29 Sven KrohlasWikipedia applet: regexp for German disambiguation...
2011-11-29 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-11-29 Sven KrohlasCorrectly parse disambiguation pages for songs in the...
2011-11-29 Sven KrohlasUse en enum instead of hardcoded integer values in...
2011-11-28 Sven Krohlasdocumentation++
2011-11-28 Sven KrohlasAllow editing the SearchWidget during a search animation
2011-11-28 Sven KrohlasAmazonItemTreeModel refactoring
2011-11-28 Rick W. ChenFix applets sometimes get the wrong size on starting up
2011-11-28 Matěj LaitlFix infinite loop in context view eating CPU until...
2011-11-28 Sam LadeFix scrobble composer fallback to artist
2011-11-27 Sergey IvanovNow It's possible to use formated strings for prefix...
2011-11-26 Yuri ChornoivanSmiley.
2011-11-26 Yuri ChornoivanMore fixes + smiley.
2011-11-26 Sven KrohlasUse QLatin1String instead of QString where appropriate
2011-11-25 Patrick von... fixed windows build
2011-11-25 Sven KrohlasAllow selecting no country in the Amazon store
2011-11-25 Sven KrohlasGive the Amazon store navigation the same design as...
2011-11-25 Sven Krohlassome cleanups for Amazon store navigation
2011-11-25 Sven KrohlasAllow going back and forward in Amazon store.
2011-11-25 Bart CerneelsFix volume control not working.
2011-11-25 Bart CerneelsChangelogify bugfix.
2011-11-25 Bart CerneelsFix playlist import bug because of one stupid char
2011-11-24 Yuri ChornoivanFix some outstanding issues in docs.
2011-11-24 Stefan Derkitsclean up & header sorting in Gpodder & PlaylistSync
2011-11-23 Andras MantiaSend a real reply message and don't crash.
2011-11-23 Bart CerneelsUse non-blocking load for playlist files.
2011-11-21 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-11-20 Ralf EngelsAdd missing changelog message
2011-11-20 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-11-19 Yuri ChornoivanUse entities (fixed in script).
2011-11-19 Rainer SigleAdd missing ChangeLog entry concerning the removal...
2011-11-18 Sergey IvanovTurn back keyboard tracking for TagDialog's spinBoxes...
2011-11-18 Yuri ChornoivanFix typos on UserBase and in DocBook
2011-11-18 Sam LadeFix audio CD detection on Amarok start
2011-11-18 Kevin FunkAdd ChangeLog entry for fixed bug 279813
2011-11-18 Sven KrohlasChangeLog++
2011-11-18 Matěj LaitlChangeLog for 46704872bffb066d94d
2011-11-18 Bart CerneelsFix filename scheme problems for UMS.
2011-11-18 Florian EßerChangeLog 2.5.0-Beta 1: Re-added old "Normal" moodbar...
2011-11-17 Bart CerneelsRemove some useless and spammy debug.
2011-11-17 Bart CerneelsDon't parent to QObject in different thread.
2011-11-17 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-11-16 Yuri ChornoivanRemove '(click to enlarge)' from captions (images in...
2011-11-16 Bart CerneelsUpdate the collection view while UMS is scanning.
2011-11-16 Bart CerneelsDon't block the UI while scanning UMS device.
2011-11-16 Bart CerneelsFix build due to wrong translation use.
2011-11-16 Bart CerneelsCreate new release entry in Changelog.
2011-11-16 Bart CerneelsFix translatable plural string.
2011-11-15 Yuri ChornoivanFix shortcuts with + +.
2011-11-15 Sergey IvanovFixed crash during MusicBrainz search.
2011-11-15 Yuri ChornoivanReplace dots with   by Burkhard advice.
2011-11-15 Yuri ChornoivanFix some issues in the docbook that prevents it from...
2011-11-15 Stefan Derkitsadded mygpo-qt/ prefix to all libmygpo-qt includes
2011-11-15 Yuri ChornoivanFix FDL statement in documentation.
2011-11-14 Sven KrohlasDo not show splash screen on Windows
2011-11-14 Yuri ChornoivanUpdated documentation. Converted from UserBase. Update...
2011-11-14 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2011-11-13 Stefan DerkitsSome fixes for PodcastProvider
2011-11-13 Stefan Derkitssmall changes in ChangeLog
2011-11-13 Mark KretschmannRemove deprecated version of our Release Script.
2011-11-13 Mark KretschmannBump plugin versions.
2011-11-13 Mark KretschmannRemove outdated docs.