last changeThu, 18 Mar 2010 14:29:46 +0000 (15:29 +0100)
2010-03-18 Nanno LangstraatNonlinearTrackNavigator bugfix: remove/insert overlap... master
2010-03-18 Mark KretschmannRemove deprecated (and unused) Media Devices applet.
2010-03-18 Mark KretschmannAdd a versioning system for Context View applets.
2010-03-18 Mark KretschmannPrepare Applet versioning: Move plugin version to Amarok.h.
2010-03-18 Rick W. Chenbias: fix no such collectionAdded signal
2010-03-18 Rick W. Chencover fetcher: do not show statusbar messages if album...
2010-03-18 Rick W. Chencover fetcher: add tooltip concerning text completion...
2010-03-18 Rick W. Chencover fetcher: unify "more results" button with find...
2010-03-18 Rick W. Chencover fetcher: add comma and round brackets to Google...
2010-03-18 Rick W. Chencover fetcher: start search once immediately when inter...
2010-03-18 Rick W. Chencover fetcher: update sidebar metadata in both slots
2010-03-18 Nikolaj Hald... Add bug number to changelog entry for playlist filterin...
2010-03-18 Nikolaj Hald... Add Nanno's playlist filtering performance improvements...
2010-03-18 Nikolaj Hald... Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/149' of git://gitorio...
2010-03-18 Mark KretschmannFix two typos in the CoverBling applet.
2010-03-18 Script KiddySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
8 years ago v2.2.1.90 Amarok released
8 years ago v2.2.1 Amarok 2.2.1 released
8 years ago v2.2.0 Amarok 2.2 released
8 years ago v2.1.90 Amarok 2.2-rc1 released
8 years ago v2.1.80 Amarok 2.2-beta1 released
8 years ago v2.1.85 Amarok 2.2-beta2 released
9 years ago v2.1.1 Tag amarok 2.1.1.
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9 years ago v1.98 Tag amarok 1.98.
9 years ago v1.94 Tag amarok 1.94.
9 years ago v1.92.2 Tag amarok 1.92.2.
8 years ago pl-late-incremental
8 years ago nanno-pl-navigators-fix1
8 years ago master
8 years ago nanno-pl-navigators
8 years ago nanno-pl-performance-C-v2
8 years ago fix-PrettyListView-setCurrentIndex-crashes
8 years ago awful-RandomNav-bugfix-hack
8 years ago nanno-pl-groupingproxy-fix1
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8 years ago nanno-pl-groupingproxy
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