2010-02-21 Maximilian... added doxygen config file to generate documentation...
2010-02-21 Maximilian... cleanup includes
2010-02-21 Maximilian... increase playcount immediatly instead of only after...
2010-02-21 Nanno LangstraatPlaylist performance: let SqlTrack::finishedPlaying...
2010-02-21 Nikolaj Hald... Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/128' of git://gitorio...
2010-02-21 Maximilian... fixed bug where compilations were changed to normal...
2010-02-21 Bart CerneelsEnable Drag and drop copy of Podcasts to UMS.
2010-02-21 Bart CerneelsUse the data set by the drag and drop to copy.
2010-02-21 Bart CerneelsMake Podcast root item accept drops.
2010-02-21 Bart CerneelsImplement addEpisode for UMS Podcasts.
2010-02-21 Jakub WieczorekThe main toolbar should be entirely repainted when... 128
2010-02-20 Leo Franchichchchchangelog
2010-02-20 Leo Franchifix improper saving of random dynamic playlist when...
2010-02-20 oliver.henshaw... Fix broken logic in beginend.rb
2010-02-19 Bart CerneelsUse KToolBar in the playlist browsers
2010-02-19 Mark KretschmannNuke unused variable.
2010-02-19 Bart CerneelsImprove consistancy between browsers.
2010-02-19 Mark KretschmannBetter wording.
2010-02-19 Mark KretschmannSignals cannot be virtual.
2010-02-19 Mark Kretschmannconst correctness
2010-02-19 Mark KretschmannAdd bookmark action to Current Track applet.
2010-02-19 Mathias PanzenböckFix barts fix for bug in rss feed parsing using wrong...
2010-02-19 Kevin FunkCleanup use of singleton, fix order. Reduce redundant...
2010-02-19 Kevin FunkModify splash screen startup
2010-02-18 Maximilian... ok, this library might really fix it
2010-02-18 Maximilian... fix build (maybe)
2010-02-18 Maximilian... remove unnecessary variable
2010-02-18 Maximilian... export functions
2010-02-18 Maximilian... link missing library
2010-02-18 Kevin FunkEnable equalizer icon from oxygen.
2010-02-18 Maximilian... improved logic for switching albums from compilation...
2010-02-18 Maximilian... fixed SQL error
2010-02-18 Maximilian... remove parenthesis as well were applicable
2010-02-18 Maximilian... moved MountPointManager into SqlCollection where it...
2010-02-18 Maximilian... cleanup includes
2010-02-18 Maximilian... do not remove all empty parent dirs. Yes, SqlCollection...
2010-02-18 Maximilian... fixed constness, added new method to SqlMountPointManag...
2010-02-18 Maximilian... finish constructing EngineController before giving...
2010-02-18 Kevin FunkSet Media Keys as default global shortcuts for playlist...
2010-02-18 Kevin FunkLogic simplification: remove redundant code
2010-02-18 Mark Kretschmannstyle fixes
2010-02-18 Kevin FunkFix crash when dragging files into Amarok.
2010-02-18 Bart CerneelsFix bug in rss feed parsing using wrong url.
2010-02-18 Nikolaj Hald... Fix bad logic causing "Multiple background tasks runnin...
2010-02-17 Martin Aumülleronly try to mount via ifuse if a device uuid is available
2010-02-17 Martin Aumüllercreate temporary ifuse mountpoint in a tmp directory
2010-02-17 Nicolas LécureuilI forgot to thanks Philippe ROUBACH, fixing this mistake
2010-02-17 Nicolas LécureuilFix typo in changelog ( thanks teuf )
2010-02-17 Nicolas LécureuilAdd info about my previous commit on the ChangeLog
2010-02-17 Nicolas LécureuilMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/124' of git://gitorio...
2010-02-17 Nicolas LécureuilInstall amarokitpc.protocol to be able to play itunes... 124
2010-02-17 Maximilian... after finding the relevant discussion on the ML, add...
2010-02-17 Maximilian... test++
2010-02-17 Maximilian... return original string if we encounter an impossible...
2010-02-16 Bart CerneelsActually use the settings in the UMS config dialog.
2010-02-16 Bart CerneelsFix build
2010-02-16 Casey Link5% of a really big number, can be a big number.
2010-02-16 Casey Linkdebug++ for realsave
2010-02-16 Bart CerneelsPrevent crash.
2010-02-16 Bart CerneelsMake the groupingproxy load data from the rootnode
2010-02-16 Bart CerneelsProvide data about empty providers in rootnode.
2010-02-16 Bart CerneelsFix actions when using the fancy QAction trick.
2010-02-16 Bart CerneelsFix the remove-action text.
2010-02-16 Bart CerneelsImplement addEpisode for UMS podcasts.
2010-02-16 Nikolaj Hald... Leaks are bad...
2010-02-16 Nikolaj Hald... Reuse existing string for button
2010-02-16 Mark KretschmannUsability: Add separator above "Delete" action.
2010-02-16 Nikolaj Hald... Add delete option for new filebrowser.
2010-02-16 Maximilian... expect whitespaces around the "featuring" strings....
2010-02-16 Maximilian... clarify code by removing pointless variable
2010-02-16 Maximilian... refactoring
2010-02-16 Maximilian... update all currently loaded tracks of a given album...
2010-02-15 Bart CerneelsFixed a regression that broke playlist save button
2010-02-15 Bart CerneelsRefactor a bit for readability.
2010-02-15 Bart Cerneelsdebug spam--
2010-02-15 Bart CerneelsRespect the podcast episode limit.
2010-02-15 Bart Cerneelsdebug--
2010-02-15 Jakob KummerowChangeLog++
2010-02-15 Bart CerneelsFix inline rename for per provider view.
2010-02-15 Bart CerneelsFix Save Playlist actions.
2010-02-15 Bart CerneelsCopyright header fix.
2010-02-15 Bart CerneelsFix various things in UserPlaylistModel.
2010-02-15 Bart CerneelsFix click behaviour of UserPlaylist category.
2010-02-15 Bart CerneelsMake editable only if source model allows it.
2010-02-15 Bart CerneelsFixed crash when right clicking on a header
2010-02-15 Mathias PanzenböckPodcast: fix config dialog layout and info widget font...
2010-02-15 Casey Linkcleanup and some debug--
2010-02-15 Casey Link"Moving" files from the file browser will now delete...
2010-02-15 Casey Link1) Canceling move/copy/organize operations is now possible
2010-02-15 Casey LinkAllow KJob Progress actions to show progress status...
2010-02-15 Casey LinkAlways show the green up arrow if there is a progress...
2010-02-15 Jakob KummerowScriptUpdater: only check for updates if 7 days have...
2010-02-15 Jakob Kummerowchange ScriptUpdater's URL as per Paleo's request
2010-02-14 Casey LinkChangeLog++
2010-02-14 Casey LinkMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-14 Casey LinkFix show/hide behavior of the conflict text in the...
2010-02-14 Maximilian... multiple tests in DatabaseUpdaterTest fail because...
2010-02-14 Casey LinkFix bug in organize collection dialog that used the...
2010-02-14 Casey LinkAdd copyright to files i've modified significantly...
2010-02-14 Casey LinkMerge branch 'master' of