last changeTue, 24 Aug 2010 12:54:51 +0000 (00:54 +1200)
2010-08-24 Rick W. ChenBring back podcast episode info in the info applet master
2010-08-24 Rick W. ChenRemove obsolete PodcastCategoryDelegate
2010-08-24 Rick W. ChenFix current track applet's handling of playback stopped...
2010-08-24 Rick W. ChenProperly cleanup when cancelling cover fetch in dialog
2010-08-24 Rick W. ChenPrevent possible labels applet crash on new track playing
2010-08-23 Rick W. ChenDo not close the cover found dialog if download is...
2010-08-23 Mark KretschmannILIBS, begone! (typo fail)
2010-08-23 Leo FranchiFile Name->Filename, not consistent with the same dialo...
2010-08-23 Jacob VigevenoReplace class forward declaration of QXmlStreamReader...
2010-08-23 Marius Helfchanged Filename to File Name in EditFilterDialog to...
2010-08-23 Marius Helfenable search by filename via 'filename:'
2010-08-23 Mark KretschmannMake all unit tests build with the Gold Linker.
2010-08-22 Martin BlumenstinglLabelsApplet: trying to fix a crash in the applet's...
2010-08-22 Mark KretschmannMake Amarok build with the Gold linker.
2010-08-22 Mark KretschmannRevert "Remove copies of KRatingWidget and KRatingPaint...
2010-08-22 Mark KretschmannRemove copies of KRatingWidget and KRatingPainter,...
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8 years ago v2.2.0 Amarok 2.2 released
8 years ago v2.1.90 Amarok 2.2-rc1 released
8 years ago v2.1.80 Amarok 2.2-beta1 released
8 years ago v2.1.85 Amarok 2.2-beta2 released
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