2012-05-08 Vaibhav Bediaam335x: ddr_defs: Update EMIF parameters
2012-05-08 Mugunthan V Nti81xx: cpsw: cpdma bug fix where dma stops in bursty...
2012-05-08 Satyanarayana... am335x: cpsw: Add initial cpsw support for EVM-SK
2012-05-08 Hebbar, Gururajaam335x: add initial support for EVM-SK
2012-05-08 Satyanarayana... am335x: Add support for DDR3
2012-05-08 Hebbar, Gururajaam335x: setup ddr pll's when configuring ddr emif registers
2012-05-08 Satyanarayana... am335x: Make way for DDR3
2012-05-08 Hebbar, Gururajaam335x: move board detection to early stage
2012-05-08 Hebbar, Gururajaam335x: move i2c pin-mux variables to .data section
2012-05-08 Hebbar, Gururajadrivers/i2c/omap24xx_i2c.c: part 2 move all local varia...
2012-05-08 Andreas Müllerdrivers/i2c/omap24xx_i2c.c: move all local variables...
2012-05-08 Hebbar, Gururajaam335x: correct rtc clock enable checking
2012-05-08 Hebbar, Gururajaam335x: Remove legacy 13x13 board support
2012-05-08 Hebbar, Gururajaam335x: use readl & writel instead of __raw_readl ...
2012-04-09 Tom Riniam335x evm: Add am335x_evm_spiboot target
2012-04-09 Tom Riniam335x evm: Add SPI SPL as an option
2012-04-09 Tom Riniti81xx: Add SPI SPL support
2012-04-09 Tom Riniomapimage: Add support for byteswapped SPI images
2012-04-05 Tom RiniVarious: Add SPL malloc defines
2012-04-05 Aneesh Vomap: spl: fix build break due to changes in FAT
2012-04-05 Christian Rieschsf: Add spi_boot() to allow booting from SPI flash...
2012-04-05 Christian Rieschspl: display_options.o is required for SPI flash suppor...
2012-03-20 Tom Riniam335x: Add support for MMC1
2012-03-20 Tom RiniBACKPORT: Improve SPL support for am33xx device
2012-03-08 Vaibhav Hirematham335x: Enable RTC 32K OSC clock AM335XPSP_04.06.00.07 v2011.09_AM335xPSP_04.06.00.07
2012-02-14 Chase Maupinddr_defs: change DDR timings for 15x15 EVM v2011.09_AM335xPSP_04.06.00.06
2011-12-13 Tom Riniomap3beagle: Drop to 800MHz
2011-12-07 Philip, AvinashAM335x: FIX BCH8 error correction
2011-12-06 Philip, Avinasham335x: Corrected nand bootartgs v2011.09_AM335xPSP_04.06.00.03
2011-12-02 Philip, Avinasham335x: BCH8 error correction for erased pages
2011-12-02 Tom Riniomap3evm: Make the board start at 1GHz
2011-12-02 Tom Rinibeagleboard: Make rev C go to 1GHz
2011-12-02 Tom Riniomap3evm: Add uEnv.txt support
2011-11-30 Afzal Mohammedam335x: Use control interface for setting voltage
2011-11-28 Tom Riniam33x: Make i2c changes be localized to that platform
2011-11-22 Schuyler PattonAM3517: Changed default clock rate for AM3517
2011-11-22 Schuyler Pattonomap3_evm: Added function calls to set volts, speed...
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam335x: Clean up and comment board/ti/am335x/pmic.h...
2011-11-22 Tom Riniomap3: Default NAND to 'nand' not 'onenand', use kloadaddr
2011-11-22 Tom RiniCPSW: Add gigabit_en flag based on the kernel driver...
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam335x: Make gigabit disable for EVM be 1.0 specific
2011-11-22 Tom RiniARM:omap:am335x: Corrects cpsw sa_lo and sa_hi offset
2011-11-22 Tom Rinibeagleboard: Load uImage to the default kernel linux...
2011-11-22 Tom Rinibeagleboard: Load uImage from VFAT by default.
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam335x/am3517evm/beagleboard/am37x: Add CONFIG_CMD_ASKENV
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam335x: Fix build warning in eth
2011-11-22 Hebbar, GururajaAM335x: Increase voltage and CPU frequency for EVMs
2011-11-22 Hebbar, Gururajaam335x: make way for core voltage switching
2011-11-22 Tom RiniAM3517 EVM: Add am3517_evm_norflash and _norflash_boot...
2011-11-22 Steve KipiszAM35xx: Read and set ethaddr for EMAC
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3 EVM: Set BOOTDELAY to 3
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3 Beagle: Set BOOTDELAY to 3
2011-11-22 Chandan Natham335x: CPSW link speed correction
2011-11-22 Tom RiniAM3517 EVM: Clean up default config
2011-11-22 Tom RiniAM3517 CraneBoard: Add SPL support
2011-11-22 Tom RiniAM3517: Add SPL support
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3: Add SPL support to omap3_evm
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3: Add SPL support to Beagleboard
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3 SPL: Add identify_nand_chip function
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3 SPL: Rework memory initalization and devkit8000...
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3: Suffix all Micron memory timing parts with their...
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3: Add optimal SDRC autorefresh control values
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3: Remove get_mem_type prototype
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3: Change mem_ok to clear again after reading back
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3: Add a helper function to set timings in SDRC
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3: Update SDRC dram_init to always call make_cs1_co...
2011-11-22 Joel A Fernandesam335x-evm: Fix bone pmic shut down over USB power
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP3: Fix emif4 struct definition
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam3517 evm: Disable D-CACHE for ENET
2011-11-22 Joel A Fernandestps65217: Disable frequency switch when no AC power...
2011-11-22 Greg GuyotteUse EEPROM to select board for PMIC code
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam335x: Bring back 10M mode for pre-A3 BeagleBone
2011-11-22 Steve Kipiszam335x-evm: Enable MII mode for BeagleBone Rev A3
2011-11-22 Joel A Fernandesam335x-evm: Read name field in EEPROM header for Beagle...
2011-11-22 Jason Kridneram335x_evm: single-byte address EEPROM for board identifier
2011-11-22 Greg GuyotteSet LDO3 and LDO4 output voltage to 3.3v on Bone
2011-11-22 Greg GuyotteAdd BeagleBone 720MHz support
2011-11-22 Greg GuyotteChange CPU to 720MHz and bump VDD1 to 1.26V
2011-11-22 Vaibhav HiremathAdd missing i2c0 pin mux configuration in spl_board_init
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam335x: Force 10Mbit ethernet on BeagleBone
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam335x: Enable CONFIG_SPL_BOARD_INIT
2011-11-22 Tom RiniOMAP SPL: Add CONFIG_SPL_BOARD_INIT hook
2011-11-22 Tom Riniti8148: Re-enable ethernet support
2011-11-22 Vaibhav Bediaam335x: Remove NOP instructions in voltage scaling
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam335x: Clean up voltage changes
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam335x: Convert mpu voltage framework to SPL, make...
2011-11-22 Philip, AvinashAM335x: Corrected MPU voltage switching.
2011-11-22 Philip, AvinashAM335x: DDR for 266 MHz.
2011-11-22 Philip, AvinashAM335x: Support for MPU clock switch to 600MHz.
2011-11-22 Matt PorterSPL: Enable YMODEM support on BeagleBone and AM335x EVM
2011-11-22 Matt PorterSPL: Enable YMODEM support on AM3874/TI8148 EVM
2011-11-22 Matt PorterSPL: Add YMODEM over UART load support
2011-11-22 Joel A Fernandesam335x: Make ethernet work on both EVM and Bone
2011-11-22 Steven Kipiszam335x: Add pin mux profile for the BeagleBone
2011-11-22 Steve Kipiszarch-ti81xx: Turn on clocks for GPIO bank 0
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam335x: Change evm_phy_init TLK110 test / print
2011-11-22 Tom Riniam335x: Clean up the config file, add uEnv.txt
2011-11-09 Tom Riniam335x: Drop CONFIG_DISPLAY_CHECKBOARD
2011-11-09 Tom Riniam335x evm: Switch to DEBUG, debug() and printf()
2011-11-09 Matt PorterSPL: Remove massive amount of pinmux data being allocat...