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2014-07-13 diaferoIgnore some more folders master
2014-07-13 diaferomake the code clang-clean
2014-03-21 diaferoIgnore another warning in AES code
2013-03-12 diaferodecrease minimal package timeout to 3 seconds, and...
2013-03-12 diaferoMake it compile and work with GCC 4.7
2013-01-16 diaferoadd option to automatically choose resolution
2012-08-15 diaferomake it compile again
2012-05-24 diaferounify the way packets are logged
2012-05-12 diaferoallow to configure logfile rotation size
2012-05-03 diaferoadd option to disable using colors in the control script
2012-05-03 diaferoUpdate to work more reliably, to...
2012-02-23 diaferoadd option to reference a CSS stylesheet from the statu...
2012-01-21 diaferofix indention
2012-01-19 diaferoput the AUTH log header in front of everything belongin...
2011-12-15 diaferoremove size-limited escape function
2011-12-15 diaferomake it compile without MSGLOG
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