last changeMon, 29 Mar 2010 02:58:02 +0000 (21:58 -0500)
2010-03-29 Richard A.... Fixed requirements in doc master
2010-03-29 Richard A.... Fixing the accidental broken version
2010-03-29 Richard A.... Updated root CMakeLists.txt for real this time
2010-03-29 Richard A.... Added initial documentation for Aki
2010-03-28 Keith RuslerAdded a dialog for testing scripts from inside Aki...
2010-03-21 Keith RuslerUpdated some Kross code and got most of it finished
2010-03-20 Keith RuslerAdd Kross support
2010-03-16 Keith RuslerAdd player name to the combo box for player status...
2010-03-16 zekeRemoving amarokremotecontrol as it is replaced with...
2010-03-08 Keith RuslerAdd a new MediaControl that controls both VLC and Amaro...
2010-02-26 Keith RuslerWorking on getting IRC url's to be recognised
2010-02-07 Keith RuslerAdded a more reliable way to joining channels
2010-02-07 Keith RuslerAdd message length to messages.
2010-02-07 Keith RuslerCleaned up some of the ChannelView made few changes...
2010-02-07 Keith RuslerCommented out a signal
2010-02-07 Keith RuslerRemove the auto delete attribute
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