last changeSun, 28 Mar 2010 17:54:37 +0000 (12:54 -0500)
2010-03-28 Keith RuslerAdded Q_INVOKABLE to have access to Socket from scripts... master
2010-03-16 Keith RuslerRemoved all of the qt only portion as it's too much...
2010-03-16 Keith RuslerRemoved akiircmodqt as we removed the qt only portion
2010-02-26 Keith RuslerFixed issue of private messages due to me accidently...
2010-02-07 Keith RuslerRemoved isConnected()
2010-02-06 Keith RuslerRemoved the broken if
2010-02-06 Keith RuslerTurn off the Python bindings by default.
2010-02-03 Keith RuslerAdded onWhoIsSecure
2010-02-02 Keith RuslerAdded more reply codes that were added from Freenode...
2010-01-31 Keith RuslerAdded more signals and more rfc functions
2010-01-28 Keith RuslerRemoved the experimental DCC until a later time that...
2010-01-18 Keith RuslerFixed issue with NickInfo copying.
2010-01-18 Keith RuslerInstall the DCC Chat and Common headers
2010-01-18 Keith RuslerAdded more support for DCC CHAT.
2010-01-17 Keith RuslerStart adding DCC support Chat
2010-01-13 Keith RuslerForgot to add the =0 on the constructors of NickInfo
8 years ago master