last changeTue, 4 Jan 2011 23:03:42 +0000 (15:03 -0800)
2011-01-04 Ryan MillerFixed landing gear locations master
2011-01-04 Ryan MillerGear compression changes
2011-01-03 Ryan MillerFixed compression for main landing gears
2011-01-03 Ryan MillerFixed positions of the viewpoints, experimental new...
2011-01-03 Ryan MillerCleanup of defunct files, removed Z offset
2011-01-03 Ryan MillerNew A300B2 and B4 variants, new liveries
2011-01-02 Ryan MillerInstead of simply being able to have windows present...
2011-01-02 Ryan MillerSome minor modifications to the landing gear wells
2011-01-02 Ryan MillerMade main gear well single-sided so it doesn't 'flash...
2011-01-02 Ryan MillerSome work on the interior, walk view implemented
2011-01-01 Ryan MillerTextured fanblades
2011-01-01 Ryan MillerAnimated jetway positions
2011-01-01 Ryan MillerRenamed PAX weight
2011-01-01 Ryan MillerPayload weights, electrical system
2011-01-01 Ryan MillerInitial commit
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