last changeMon, 23 May 2011 22:59:53 +0000 (00:58 +0159)
2011-05-23 Bernhard RosenkraenzerRemove some libraries from static link process, not... master
2011-05-23 Bernhard RosenkraenzerLimit static linking to libraries we can't reasonably...
2011-05-23 Bernhard RosenkraenzerAdd option for linking statically
2011-05-22 Bernhard RosenkraenzerManually merge version 1 of request #5 from
2011-05-22 Bernhard RosenkraenzerRemove debug message that accidentally made it in
2011-05-22 Bernhard RosenkraenzerFixes to pack_fopen support:
2011-05-22 Bernhard RosenkraenzerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/2' of git://gitorious...
2011-05-22 Bernhard RosenkraenzerMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/4' of git://gitorious...
2011-05-22 Bernhard RosenkraenzerVarious mpg123 related fixes, not fully complete yet
2011-05-20 Cristian Morales... Rewrote mp3 decoding without almp3. 4
2011-05-17 Cristian Morales... Remove internal Allegro's pack_fopen copy for GNU 2
2011-05-15 Bernhard RosenkraenzerRemove cstretch.c -- it's just an unmodified copy of...
2011-05-15 Bernhard RosenkraenzerFix line endings
2011-05-15 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer- Don't build apeg files that aren't needed with DISABL...
2011-05-14 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer- Port to current mpg123 API
2011-05-13 Cristian Morales... Fix read of config files with Windows line endings 3
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