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2014-12-13 Andrej LajovicAdd patch for WiringPi master
2014-12-05 Andrej LajovicREADME
2014-12-05 Andrej LajovicAdd TCLAP check to CMakeLists.txt
2014-12-05 Andrej LajovicAdd the GNU GPLv3 license text
2014-12-05 Andrej LajovicDocument/comment the code extensively
2014-12-04 Andrej LajovicSlap copyleft header onto the sources
2014-12-04 Andrej LajovicMove sources to src/
2014-11-29 Andrej LajovicPercent indicator default when not on a tty; shows...
2014-11-07 Andrej LajovicImplement the --park switch
2014-11-05 Andrej LajovicBasic sensor spike rejection
2014-11-05 Andrej LajovicSimulated sensor spikes
2014-11-05 Andrej LajovicTurn off initial stall in simulated motor
2014-11-04 Andrej LajovicDe-stall maneuver
2014-10-21 Andrej LajovicAlternative progress indicator: raw percentage (for...
2014-09-22 Andrej LajovicRemove excessive newlines in controller's messages
2014-09-22 Andrej LajovicMake progress bar easier to see
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