Add named referencies implementation
[accounts-sso:vitalyrepins-signon.git] / src / signond / signondaemon.h
2010-10-20 Tomi SuviolaAdd named referencies implementation refcount
2010-10-20 Tomi SuviolaMerge branch 'signout'
2010-10-19 Aurel PopirtacUNIX signals handling and signond conf. file loading...
2010-10-19 Aurel PopirtacDaemon init and device lock-code DBUS communication...
2010-08-13 Aurel PopirtacLock code related updates on signond.
2010-08-13 Aurel PopirtacUpdate of Signon Daemon.
2010-07-29 Tomi SuviolaRenamed all interfaces system_bus
2010-06-30 Alexander Akimovdefining SignonSessionCore as SignonDisposable and...
2010-06-29 Alexander Akimovnon-obsolete functionality of backup
2010-05-24 Aurel PopirtacSignon Daemon updates.
2010-05-06 Tomi SuviolaMerge commit '4720ee35cec23841dfb463de9df85a30f95fada0' 0.1.17 0.2
2010-05-04 Tomi SuviolaSupport for backup/restore
2010-04-24 Aurel PopirtacUpdated signond to the new OO error handling and common...
2010-04-20 Alberto MardeganConvert file to UNIX
2010-04-20 Alberto MardeganHave the identity timeout configurable by the environment
2010-04-01 Alberto MardeganInitial commit