obsolete variable
[accounts-sso:signon-glib.git] / libsignon-glib / signon-auth-session.c
2010-07-02 Alexander Akimovobsolete variable 0.10
2010-07-01 Alexander Akimovmem leak alak_destroyed
2010-07-01 Alexander Akimovfew NULL-checks and DEBUG's added
2010-07-01 Alexander Akimovhandling of unregistered signal from remote object
2010-05-24 Mikhail ZabaluevRenamed the callback type for signon_auth_session_query...
2010-05-12 Alberto MardeganRename signon_auth_session_name() and add const
2010-05-12 Alberto MardeganUse D-Bus object and interface names from signond-dev
2010-05-11 Alberto MardeganUse SignonAuthSessionState from signond-dev package
2010-05-11 Alberto MardeganAPI break: remove the state callback
2010-05-11 Alberto MardeganMove variable to private structure
2010-04-27 Alexander Akimovpriv->proxy is checked before DBus call: code simplific...
2010-04-16 Alexander AkimovMerge branch 'alak_storeCredentials'
2010-04-16 Alexander AkimovRemoval of some utility functions into utils and setId...
2010-04-01 Alberto MardeganInitial commit