2010-10-25 Alberto MardeganDon't build documentation from signon-proxy
2010-10-25 Alberto MardeganVersion 0.17 0.17
2010-10-25 Alberto MardeganDon't hide glib output
2010-10-25 Alberto MardeganRename parameter variable
2010-10-25 Alberto MardeganDon't execute parallel calls
2010-10-25 Alberto MardeganMake tests complete faster
2010-10-25 Alberto MardeganAdd debugging line at beginning of each test
2010-10-07 Alberto MardeganUpdate tests
2010-10-07 Alberto MardeganSome sed magic to shorten function names
2010-10-07 Alberto MardeganDon'e export marshaller symbols
2010-10-07 Alberto MardeganMark utility symbols as internal
2010-10-07 Alberto MardeganOnly export symbols starting with "signon_"
2010-10-07 Alexander Akimovversion 0.16 0.16
2010-10-07 Alexander Akimovanother attempt to resolve the crash, happening during...
2010-09-17 Tomi SuviolaRemove bad commit 0.15
2010-09-17 Tomi SuviolaMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-17 Tomi Suviolaupdate version
2010-09-17 Tomi SuviolaAdded reference into identity API
2010-09-17 Tomi SuviolaMake changes to adapt into new signon dbus api
2010-09-16 Tomi Suviolaupdate version
2010-09-16 Tomi SuviolaMake changes to adapt into new signon dbus api
2010-09-01 Alexander Akimovversion 0.14 0.14
2010-09-01 Alexander AkimovThe xml files are non-neeeded anymore as signond-dev...
2010-09-01 Alexander Akimovupdating dbus APIs files
2010-09-01 Alexander Akimovadding dbus_g_proxy_diconnect to objects dispose functions
2010-08-25 Alexander Akimovthe test.xml was not updated fully
2010-08-25 Alexander Akimovrequest to change "signglesignon" to "SingleSignOn"
2010-08-13 Alberto MardeganFix version number for maemo
2010-08-13 Alberto MardeganUpdate test package name
2010-07-30 Tomi SuviolaDbus interface name change system_bus 0.11
2010-07-02 Alexander Akimovobsolete variable 0.10
2010-07-01 Alexander Akimovversion 0.10
2010-07-01 Alexander Akimovmem leak alak_destroyed
2010-07-01 Alexander Akimovauth_session unregistered unit test added
2010-07-01 Alexander Akimovfew NULL-checks and DEBUG's added
2010-07-01 Alexander Akimovhandling of unregistered signal from remote object
2010-06-29 Alexander Akimovversion 0.9
2010-06-29 Alexander Akimovremove unnecessary type cast 0.9
2010-06-29 Alexander Akimovremove obsolete variable from private structure
2010-06-28 Alexander Akimovcorrespondent unit test
2010-06-28 Alexander Akimovhandling of destroyed signal and code optimization
2010-06-28 Alexander Akimovnot_read and last_error functionality
2010-06-11 Aurel PopirtacVersion 0.8 0.8
2010-06-11 Aurel PopirtacUsing g_set_error().
2010-06-11 Aurel PopirtacVersion 0.7
2010-06-11 Aurel PopirtacFix of bug 173216 - Random signond crash found during...
2010-05-27 Alberto MardeganVersion 0.6 0.6
2010-05-27 Alberto MardeganSoname bump
2010-05-24 Mikhail ZabaluevIgnore built files
2010-05-24 Mikhail ZabaluevDon't ignore all dotfiles
2010-05-24 Mikhail ZabaluevRenamed the callback type for signon_auth_session_query...
2010-05-14 Alberto MardeganVersion 0.5 0.5
2010-05-12 Alberto MardeganRemove compilation warning
2010-05-12 Alberto MardeganRename "signout" signal
2010-05-12 Alberto MardeganRename signon_auth_session_name() and add const
2010-05-12 Alberto MardeganUse error names from signond-dev
2010-05-12 Alberto MardeganNo comment
2010-05-12 Alberto MardeganUse D-Bus object and interface names from signond-dev
2010-05-11 Alberto MardeganUse SignonAuthSessionState from signond-dev package
2010-05-11 Alberto MardeganAPI break: remove the state callback
2010-05-11 Alberto MardeganMove variable to private structure
2010-05-04 Alexander Akimovversion update
2010-05-04 Alexander Akimovnew error code into use
2010-05-04 Alexander Akimovnew error codes
2010-05-04 Alexander AkimovChanging the identity info API in order to restore...
2010-04-29 Alexander Akimovcode style fixing, bringing more clearness to internal...
2010-04-29 Alexander Akimov2 functions were moved from signon-identity to signon...
2010-04-29 Alexander AkimovFixing the type for const array of strings
2010-04-27 Alexander Akimovadoption to changed API and signout unit test
2010-04-27 Alexander AkimovPart of code review:
2010-04-27 Alexander AkimovUnit tests of new API
2010-04-27 Alexander AkimovImplementation of new APIs
2010-04-27 Alexander AkimovDeclaring of new functions in Identity and IdentityInfo...
2010-04-27 Alexander AkimovNULL check
2010-04-27 Alexander Akimovbringing GPOINTER_TO_INT mcaro into use
2010-04-27 Alexander Akimovpriv->proxy is checked before DBus call: code simplific...
2010-04-27 Alexander AkimovRemove declaration of non-implemented function
2010-04-19 Alexander AkimovMerge branch 'alak_verify' into alak_restOfAPI
2010-04-19 Alexander Akimovthe functions description are updated
2010-04-19 Alexander Akimovtmp
2010-04-19 Alexander AkimovCode style polishing
2010-04-19 Alexander AkimovMerge branch 'master' into alak_verify
2010-04-19 Alexander AkimovUT for verification functionality
2010-04-16 Alexander Akimovimplemetation of verifyUser and verifySecret
2010-04-16 Alberto MardeganVersion 0.2 0.2
2010-04-16 Alberto MardeganAdd missing gtkdoc file
2010-04-16 Alexander AkimovMerge branch 'alak_storeCredentials'
2010-04-16 Alexander Akimovunit tests are adopted
2010-04-16 Alexander Akimovg_slice_new instead of g_new
2010-04-16 Alexander Akimovredundant argument
2010-04-16 Alexander Akimovredundant argument: it is not needed as a parameter...
2010-04-16 Alexander AkimovUpdated unint tests
2010-04-16 Alexander AkimovstoreCredentials and createSession functionality
2010-04-16 Alexander AkimovRemoval of some utility functions into utils and setId...
2010-04-16 Alexander AkimovOptimizing the utils functionality
2010-04-16 Alexander Akimov2 new file to make process
2010-04-13 Alexander Akimovnew files with some utilities
2010-04-09 Tomi SuviolaFix for bug NB#163667, adding custom free function...
2010-04-01 Alberto MardeganInitial commit