2010-10-22 smitafixing bug: 198688 having logical id in the names
2010-10-20 Alberto MardeganVersion 0.15 0.15
2010-10-20 Alberto MardeganSet username from GenericAccountSetupContext
2010-10-20 Alberto MardeganAdd username setter and getter to account context
2010-10-20 Alberto MardeganUse new ServiceHelper::serviceSetupContext()
2010-10-20 Alberto MardeganAdded new ServiceHelper::serviceSetupContext()
2010-10-20 Alberto MardeganLet the Service setup context get the account one
2010-10-20 Alberto MardeganAbstractAccountSetupContext::setupType() should be...
2010-10-20 Alberto MardeganAbstractSetupContext::account() should be const
2010-10-20 Alberto MardeganReindent and minor documentation changes
2010-10-20 Radek ZielonkaVersion 0.14 0.14
2010-10-20 Radek ZielonkaSet enabledServices fro accounts settings page to dont...
2010-10-19 Radek ZielonkaVersion 0.13
2010-10-19 Radek ZielonkaFixes: NB#198463 - Two gmail services are shown in...
2010-10-19 Alberto MardeganVersion 0.12 0.12
2010-10-19 Alberto MardeganCoding style
2010-10-19 Alberto MardeganAdd ProviderPluginProxy class
2010-10-19 Alberto MardeganAdd Debug class for performance debugging
2010-10-19 Alberto MardeganDrop ugly X11 code, use chaining from MTF
2010-10-19 Alberto MardeganMove arg parsing code to private class
2010-10-18 Alexander Akimovversion 0.11 0.11
2010-10-18 Alexander Akimovfix for the case when enabled/disabled state are change...
2010-10-15 Alexander AkimovBringing all legal services in the creation into Enable... 0.10
2010-10-15 Alexander Akimovforgotten parameter value: in the beginning all service... alak_exclusiveEnabling
2010-10-15 Alexander Akimovidentation
2010-10-15 Alexander Akimovversion 0.9
2010-10-15 Alexander Akimovfew misprints
2010-10-15 Alexander Akimovexclusive enabling of serviceTypes in settings widget
2010-10-15 Alexander Akimovexclusive enabling of services on settings page
2010-10-14 Radek ZielonkaProper hiding of services
2010-10-13 Alberto MardeganInitial commit