BugFix #203268 - accountListEnabled and accountList doesnot return the expected size
[accounts-sso:accounts-glib.git] / libaccounts-glib / ag-manager.c
2011-01-25 Dominic VelikakathBugFix #203268 - accountListEnabled and accountList...
2010-12-14 Alberto MardeganFix ag_manager_list_enabled()
2010-12-01 Alberto MardeganMerge branch 'bmc10569' 0.61
2010-12-01 Alberto MardeganCheck for NULL return value.
2010-11-22 Aurel PopirtacAdditional fix in the context of NB#202721 - QMailAccou...
2010-11-11 Aurel PopirtacFix for NB#202721 - QMailAccount fields sometimes store...
2010-10-21 smitaMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:accounts-sso...
2010-10-21 smitaFixed: bug 198281
2010-10-05 Alberto MardeganRetrieve service ID when necessary
2010-10-05 Alberto MardeganInstantiate an AgService for foreign changes too
2010-10-05 Alberto MardeganAccounts from DBus: don't load settings
2010-09-22 smitaFixing bug 192786
2010-08-31 Alberto MardeganIf the client wants to, we can abort on timeout. 0.52
2010-08-31 Alberto MardeganAdd internal function _ag_manager_get_last_error()
2010-08-31 Alberto MardeganAdd ag_manager_load_account(), which carries GError
2010-08-31 Alberto MardeganStore the last error for failed query
2010-08-31 Alberto MardeganAdd internal function to set the last error.
2010-08-30 Alexander AkimovMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:accounts-sso...
2010-08-27 smitaMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:accounts-sso...
2010-08-27 Alberto MardeganAccess the SQLite DB in synchronous mode
2010-08-03 Alberto MardeganMove up the check for duplicate signals
2010-08-03 Alberto MardeganPrint the AgManager instance in debug statement
2010-07-30 Alberto MardeganDon't process signals coming from different object...
2010-07-30 Alberto MardeganRewrite registering of D-Bus matches
2010-07-30 Alberto MardeganDon't emit the "updated" signal along with "created...
2010-07-27 Alberto MardeganDo not process D-Bus signals twice
2010-07-27 Alberto MardeganUse different DBus object paths for each service type
2010-07-07 Dmitry ZelenkovskyImplementation for update-event feature.
2010-06-28 Alberto MardeganChange SQLite journal mode to truncate
2010-06-28 Alberto MardeganAdd AgServiceType
2010-06-16 Alberto MardeganOptimize SQLite DB usage
2010-06-15 Alberto MardeganFix emission of enabled-event
2010-06-04 Alberto MardeganReset the COMMIT statement after using it
2010-06-04 Alberto MardeganDebug database locks
2010-06-04 Alberto MardeganTake new debug macros into use
2010-06-04 Alberto MardeganAdd debugging infrastructure
2010-06-04 Alberto MardeganInvert the comparison sign
2010-05-20 Alberto MardeganUse the monotonic clock to compute the locking time
2010-05-20 Alberto MardeganSet the DB timeout to be configurable
2010-05-10 Alberto MardeganCreate tables only if the DB is newly created
2010-05-06 Tomi SuviolaAdd backup support for accounts and move database location 0.35
2010-04-30 Alberto MardeganTurn important g_debug() into g_warning()
2010-04-30 Alberto MardeganDo not hardcode timeouts in the tests
2010-04-30 Alberto MardeganDo not giveup initializing DB when locked
2010-04-19 Radek Zielonkaenabled-event signal
2010-04-06 Tomi SuviolaFixed bug 162814
2010-03-08 Tomi SuviolaFixed coverity defects.
2010-03-04 Alberto MardeganInitial push to public repository