fixing bug: 221488 - API: Method needed for getting provider icon
[accounts-sso:accounts-glib.git] / libaccounts-glib / ag-internals.h
2011-01-27 smitafixing bug: 221488 - API: Method needed for getting...
2010-11-11 Aurel PopirtacFix for NB#202721 - QMailAccount fields sometimes store...
2010-10-21 smitaMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-18 Alberto MardeganCorrect visibility of two symbols
2010-10-05 Alberto MardeganRetrieve service ID when necessary
2010-10-05 Alberto MardeganInstantiate an AgService for foreign changes too
2010-08-31 Alberto MardeganAdd internal function _ag_manager_get_last_error()
2010-08-31 Alberto MardeganAdd internal function to set the last error.
2010-08-30 Alexander AkimovMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-27 smitaMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-27 smitaFetchin translation catalog from the service xml files
2010-08-17 Smita Srivastavafinal glib changes to fetch catalog from xml
2010-07-27 Alberto MardeganUse different DBus object paths for each service type
2010-07-27 Alberto MardeganAdd _ag_account_changes_get_service_types()
2010-07-07 Dmitry ZelenkovskyImplementation for update-event feature.
2010-06-28 Alberto MardeganAdd AgServiceType
2010-06-04 Alberto MardeganAdd debugging infrastructure
2010-05-20 Alberto MardeganIncrease DB timeout to 5 seconds
2010-04-30 Alberto MardeganDo not hardcode timeouts in the tests
2010-04-19 Radek Zielonkaenabled-event signal
2010-03-04 Alberto MardeganInitial push to public repository