Fixes: NB#Account::verify and Account::verifyWithTokens() returns TRUE all the time...
[accounts-sso:accounts-glib.git] / tests / check_ag.c
2011-06-14 Aurel PopirtacFixes: NB#Account::verify and Account::verifyWithTokens...
2011-05-05 Alberto MardeganUse SQLite in WAL-journaled mode 4
2011-01-27 smitamerge conflicts harmattan/0.64
2010-12-14 Alberto MardeganFix ag_manager_list_enabled()
2010-11-11 Aurel PopirtacTests update.
2010-10-21 smitaMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-18 Alberto MardeganFix unit tests
2010-10-06 Alberto MardeganReorder and group tests
2010-10-06 Alberto MardeganStyle changes
2010-10-06 Alberto MardeganAllow running a single test case
2010-10-06 Alberto MardeganAdd test for unnecessary DB access
2010-08-31 Alberto MardeganTest case for ag_manager_load_account()
2010-08-31 Alexander AkimovCode optimization:
2010-08-31 Alexander AkimovAnother part of the fix for "enabledServices" bug
2010-08-30 Alexander AkimovMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-25 Alexander AkimovFix for NB#187346 (enabledService works wrong)
2010-06-28 Alberto MardeganAdd unit tests for AgServiceType functions
2010-06-15 Alberto MardeganExtend unit tests to catch enabled-event regressions
2010-06-04 Alberto MardeganAdd regression test for latest bugfix
2010-04-30 Alberto MardeganDo not hardcode timeouts in the tests
2010-04-30 Alberto MardeganCreate test case for locked DB on manager instantiation
2010-04-30 Alberto MardeganRemove compilation warnings
2010-04-30 Alberto MardeganFactor out a function to compute elapsed time
2010-04-19 Radek ZielonkaTests for enable-event
2010-04-09 Alexander AkimovFixes: NB#163169 - <MemLeak> leaks in libaccounts-glib...
2010-03-08 Alberto MardeganTests: correct typo (icon/service name)
2010-03-04 Alberto MardeganInitial push to public repository