2011-09-04 Matthias ClasenFix some mismatches in the stylesheet
2011-09-04 Matthias ClasenFix doc formatting
2011-09-04 Matthias ClasenFix fast user switching
2011-08-17 Ray Strodepo: add new po files
2011-08-17 Ray Strodepo: pull latest translations from transifex
2011-07-21 Ray Strodedaemon: call reload_users after timeout on passwd/shado...
2011-07-21 Vincent Untzdaemon: Monitor /etc/gdm/custom.conf for changes in...
2011-07-21 Vincent Untzdaemon: use PATH_GDM_CUSTOM instead of string literal
2011-07-20 Ray Strodedaemon: ignore extraneous SetAutomaticLogin(false)...
2011-07-19 Ray StrodeNEWS: update for release
2011-07-19 Ray Strodeconfigure: switch to tar.xz
2011-07-19 Ray Strodelib: add doc string for create user
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: more polkit deprecation clean ups
2011-07-19 Ray Strodelib: drop some unused variables
2011-07-19 Ray Strodelib: cast uid to long before printing
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: cast uid to long before printing
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: s/polkit_authority_get/polkit_authority_get_sync/
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: use enum type instead of int
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: fix signedness warning
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: fix up some problems in last commit
2011-07-19 Lennart Poetteringdaemon: get login frequency from wtmp instead of ConsoleKit
2011-07-19 Lennart Poetteringlib: fix doc string for act_user_get_object_path
2011-07-19 Craig Keoghconfigure: honor aclocal flags (bug 33922)
2011-07-19 Rodrigo Moyadaemon: Add '--' to argument builders before the user...
2011-07-19 Ray StrodeRevert "Implement "disable account" password mode"
2011-07-19 Nguyễn Thái... po: added Vietnamese translation
2011-07-19 Bastien NoceraImplement "disable account" password mode
2011-05-25 Ray Strodelib: fix small memory leak
2011-05-23 Florian Müllnerlibaccountsservice: Set G_LOG_DOMAIN
2011-05-19 Matthias ClasenBump version to 0.6.13
2011-05-19 Matthias ClasenChange the create_user api that was added yesterday
2011-05-19 Ray Strodepo: update translations
2011-05-19 Ray Strodeconfigure: bump version to 0.6.12
2011-05-19 Ray StrodeNEWS: Update for release
2011-05-19 Ray Strodelib: if ListCachedUsers returns zero users continue
2011-05-19 Ray Strodelib: set is-loaded in failure path
2011-05-19 Ray Strodelib: ignore user-removed signals for untracked users
2011-05-19 Ray Strodedaemon: stall ListCachedUsers until ck-history finishes
2011-05-19 Matthias Clasen0.6.11
2011-05-19 Matthias ClasenAdd api for creating users to ActUserManager
2011-04-29 Ray StrodeNEWS: Update for release
2011-04-29 Ray Strodepo: update translations
2011-04-27 Ray Strodelib: don't block loading for get_user() requests
2011-04-26 Ray Strodelib: set is-loaded only after we've actually loaded...
2011-04-25 Ray Strodelib: ignore new users before ListCachedUsers finishes
2011-04-25 Ray Strodelib: add some additional debugging statements
2011-04-25 Ray Strodelib: always set is-loaded through maybe_set_is_loaded
2011-04-15 Matthias ClasenBump version
2011-04-15 Matthias ClasenDon't crash when removing nameless users
2011-04-11 Matthias ClasenBump version to 0.6.9
2011-04-11 Matthias ClasenAdd a 'system-account' property to users
2011-04-04 Matthias ClasenUpdates for 0.6.8
2011-03-29 Ray Strodedaemon: use same rules for parsing booleans from gdm...
2011-03-22 Ray StrodeNEWS: update for release
2011-03-22 Ray Strodeconfigure: bump version to 0.6.7
2011-03-22 Ray Strodepo: pull latest translations from transifex
2011-03-22 Ray Strodelib: rename function to be more clear
2011-03-18 Frédéric Pétersdaemon: correctly free the array of groups
2011-03-18 Frédéric Pétersdaemon: fix call to useradd for normal users
2011-03-17 Ray StrodeNEWS: update for release
2011-03-17 Ray Strodepo: pull latest translations from transifex
2011-03-17 Ray Strodeconfigure: bump version to 0.6.6
2011-03-17 Ray Strodedaemon: treat root user as admin
2011-03-17 David Zeuthendaemon: drop desktop_<role>_r group checks
2011-03-17 David Zeuthendaemon: drop supervised user concept
2011-03-17 Ray Strodepo: add pot file
2011-03-17 Frederic CrozatAdd user_local_get_object_path to user.h
2011-03-17 Ray Strodedaemon: read minimal uid from login.defs
2011-03-17 Ray Strodepolicy: Improve policy string
2011-03-17 Brett Witherspoonconfigure: don't install systemd unit with --without...
2011-03-17 Ray StrodeAdd Czech translation
2011-03-17 Bastien Nocerauser: Make it possible to disable the user icon
2011-03-15 Ray Strodelib: Check for empty, not just NULL, real name when...
2011-03-10 Ray Strodelib: gracefully handle multiple in-flight user updates
2011-03-10 Ray Strodedaemon: be less chatty
2011-03-08 Ray StrodeNEWS: update for release
2011-03-08 Ray Strodeconfigure: bump version to 0.6.5
2011-03-08 Ray Strodedaemon: add XSession property to dbus-glib goo
2011-03-08 Ray Strodelib: use proper dbus proxy for setters
2011-02-28 Matthias ClasenDon't accidentally add the gdm user to the list
2011-02-24 Matthias ClasenKeep excluded users off the cached list
2011-02-24 Matthias ClasenAdd a function to get the uid of a user
2011-02-24 Matthias ClasenAdd a --debug commandline option
2011-02-22 Ray Strodeconfigure: bump version to 0.6.4
2011-02-22 Ray Strodelib: s/HomeDir/HomeDirectory/
2011-02-22 Ray Strodedaemon: drop g_print 's
2011-02-22 Ray Strodelib: set is loaded when cached users finishes
2011-02-01 Ray StrodeNEWS: update for release
2011-02-01 Ray Strodelib: add setters
2011-02-01 Ray Strodeconfigure: enable GNU extensions
2011-02-01 Ray Strodelib: Add getters for some of the other types supported...
2011-02-01 Ray Strodedaemon: Add api for storing/retrieving session
2011-02-01 Ray Strodelib: fix up more login-frequency confusion
2011-02-01 Ray Strodelib: add getter for user locale
2011-01-27 Matthias ClasenBump version
2011-01-27 Matthias ClasenUpdate NEWS
2011-01-27 Matthias ClasenChange policy used for autologin
2010-12-08 Matthias Clasenautogen: add support for ACLOCAL_FLAGS
2010-12-08 Ray Strodeautogen: enable verbose output
2010-12-02 Cosimo Cecchiconfigure: drop AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR