Added fronted for setting user roles.
[accounts-service-plus:accounts-service-plus.git] / src /
2012-08-06 Rūdolfs MazursAdded fronted for setting user roles.
2012-08-06 Ryan LortieAdd support for roles
2012-07-24 Ray Strodedaemon: uncache user before deleting user
2012-07-24 Stef Walteradd CacheUser() and UncacheUser() methods
2012-07-24 Stef Walterdaemon: add all users from cachedir to ListCachedUsers...
2012-07-24 Stef Walterdaemon: Refactor reloading of users from multiple sources
2012-07-20 Ray Strodelib: fix some debug spew
2012-06-28 Ray Strodeutil: CVE-2012-2737: drop _polkit_subject_get_cmdline
2012-06-28 Ray Strodeuser: CVE-2012-2737: verify caller through bus in more...
2012-06-28 Ray Strodeutil: CVE-2012-2737: validate SetIconFile caller over bus
2012-06-13 Ray Strodelib: manage pending consolekit calls with cancellable
2012-06-13 Pavel Vasinlib: fix memory leaks in act-user
2012-06-12 Ray StrodeRevert "Don't use the non-standard fgetpwent() if not...
2012-06-07 Stef Walterlibaccountsservice: Respect silent rules for gdbus...
2012-06-07 Stef Walterlibaccountsservice: Quiet down the warnings from GIR
2012-05-31 Ray Strodedaemon: fix build
2012-05-31 Ray Strodedaemon: move ICONDIR/USERDIR defs to makefile
2012-05-31 Ray Strodedaemon: remove icon when deleting user
2012-05-31 Ray Strodelib: make has-multiple-users property only check non...
2012-05-31 Ray Strodedaemon: exclude system accounts from ListCachedUsers
2012-05-08 Christian Hessedaemon: exclude users without valid shell
2012-05-07 Kalev Lemberdaemon: Fix spurious log spew
2012-05-04 Ray Strodedaemon: FIx overly aggressive user exclusion
2012-04-28 Matthias ClasenDon't notify a non-existing property
2012-04-24 Vincent Untzdaemon: Also exclude "at" user
2012-04-24 Vincent Untzdaemon: Exclude users with no shell
2012-04-13 Ray Strodelib: don't clear get_all call until after we've ensured...
2012-04-13 Ray Strodedaemon: make userdel force deletion
2012-04-09 Alban Browaeyslib: Add missing return in libaccountsservice
2012-04-05 Ray Strodelib: ensure session type is x11 before trying to find...
2012-04-05 Ray Strodelib: move debug message to proper place
2012-04-05 Ray Strodelib: handle when get_sessions() returns NULL more grace...
2012-04-02 Ray Strodedaemon: extend blacklist
2012-03-27 Ray Strodedaemon: fix up user exclusions
2012-03-27 Ray Strodeact-user: fix double free
2012-03-26 Ray Strodelib: vala discheck fixes
2012-03-26 Ray Strodelib: add gdbus xml to EXTRA_DIST
2012-03-26 Ray Strodelib: drop AccountsService-1.0.metadata
2012-03-26 Ray Strodedaemon: be more liberabl about excluding users
2012-03-26 Bastien NoceraFilter users on nologin rather than minimal UID
2012-03-26 Bastien NoceraDon't use hard-coded minimal UID to exclude users
2012-03-26 Ray Strodelib: Add systemd support
2012-03-15 Ray Strodelib: set infinite timeout for accounts manager calls
2012-03-15 Ray Strodelib: return initialized result for delete user
2012-03-15 Giovanni CampagnaActUserManager: ensure the manager is alive across...
2012-03-15 Giovanni CampagnaActUser: use -1 to indicate default DBus timeout
2012-03-15 Giovanni CampagnaActUser: set loaded status even if an error occurs
2012-03-15 Giovanni CampagnaUserManager: fix advancing seat loading state machine
2012-02-23 Colin Walterslibaccountsservice: Fix srcdir != builddir for generate...
2012-02-21 Marc-André Lureaubuild: add optionnal vala bindings generation
2012-02-21 Marc-André LureauGenerate ActUserManagerError type too
2012-02-21 Marc-André LureauAdd a global act.h library header for bindings
2012-02-16 Ray Strodelib: change loop iteration idiom
2012-02-13 Matthias ClasenPort library to GDBus
2012-02-13 Matthias ClasenPort daemon to GDBus
2012-02-07 Ray Strodefix compute_object_path on ppc32
2011-11-30 Matthias ClasenBe more careful when resetting the users icons
2011-10-19 Matthias ClasenBe more careful when dealing with pw_passwd
2011-10-17 Ed SchoutenDon't use the non-standard fgetpwent() if not available.
2011-10-17 Ed SchoutenUse <sys/wait.h>.
2011-10-17 Ed SchoutenMake use of <shadow.h> optional.
2011-10-17 Ed SchoutenMake use of utmpx optional and buildable on FreeBSD.
2011-09-30 Vincent Untzdaemon: Only accept regular files when setting icon
2011-09-27 Ray Strodelib: Don't track non-graphical sessions
2011-09-21 Ray Strodedaemon: load wtmp after passwd file
2011-09-04 Matthias ClasenFix fast user switching
2011-07-21 Ray Strodedaemon: call reload_users after timeout on passwd/shado...
2011-07-21 Vincent Untzdaemon: Monitor /etc/gdm/custom.conf for changes in...
2011-07-21 Vincent Untzdaemon: use PATH_GDM_CUSTOM instead of string literal
2011-07-20 Ray Strodedaemon: ignore extraneous SetAutomaticLogin(false)...
2011-07-19 Ray Strodelib: add doc string for create user
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: more polkit deprecation clean ups
2011-07-19 Ray Strodelib: drop some unused variables
2011-07-19 Ray Strodelib: cast uid to long before printing
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: cast uid to long before printing
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: s/polkit_authority_get/polkit_authority_get_sync/
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: use enum type instead of int
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: fix signedness warning
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: fix up some problems in last commit
2011-07-19 Lennart Poetteringdaemon: get login frequency from wtmp instead of ConsoleKit
2011-07-19 Lennart Poetteringlib: fix doc string for act_user_get_object_path
2011-07-19 Rodrigo Moyadaemon: Add '--' to argument builders before the user...
2011-07-19 Ray StrodeRevert "Implement "disable account" password mode"
2011-07-19 Bastien NoceraImplement "disable account" password mode
2011-05-25 Ray Strodelib: fix small memory leak
2011-05-23 Florian Müllnerlibaccountsservice: Set G_LOG_DOMAIN
2011-05-19 Matthias ClasenChange the create_user api that was added yesterday
2011-05-19 Ray Strodelib: if ListCachedUsers returns zero users continue
2011-05-19 Ray Strodelib: set is-loaded in failure path
2011-05-19 Ray Strodelib: ignore user-removed signals for untracked users
2011-05-19 Ray Strodedaemon: stall ListCachedUsers until ck-history finishes
2011-05-19 Matthias ClasenAdd api for creating users to ActUserManager
2011-04-27 Ray Strodelib: don't block loading for get_user() requests
2011-04-26 Ray Strodelib: set is-loaded only after we've actually loaded...
2011-04-25 Ray Strodelib: ignore new users before ListCachedUsers finishes
2011-04-25 Ray Strodelib: add some additional debugging statements
2011-04-25 Ray Strodelib: always set is-loaded through maybe_set_is_loaded
2011-04-15 Matthias ClasenDon't crash when removing nameless users
2011-04-11 Matthias ClasenAdd a 'system-account' property to users
2011-03-29 Ray Strodedaemon: use same rules for parsing booleans from gdm...