Added fronted for setting user roles.
[accounts-service-plus:accounts-service-plus.git] / src / user.c
2012-08-06 Rūdolfs MazursAdded fronted for setting user roles.
2012-06-28 Ray Strodeuser: CVE-2012-2737: verify caller through bus in more...
2012-05-31 Ray Strodedaemon: fix build
2012-05-31 Ray Strodedaemon: move ICONDIR/USERDIR defs to makefile
2012-05-08 Christian Hessedaemon: exclude users without valid shell
2012-04-28 Matthias ClasenDon't notify a non-existing property
2012-03-26 Ray Strodedaemon: be more liberabl about excluding users
2012-02-13 Matthias ClasenPort daemon to GDBus
2012-02-07 Ray Strodefix compute_object_path on ppc32
2011-11-30 Matthias ClasenBe more careful when resetting the users icons
2011-10-19 Matthias ClasenBe more careful when dealing with pw_passwd
2011-10-17 Ed SchoutenMake use of <shadow.h> optional.
2011-09-30 Vincent Untzdaemon: Only accept regular files when setting icon
2011-07-19 Ray Strodedaemon: use enum type instead of int
2011-07-19 Rodrigo Moyadaemon: Add '--' to argument builders before the user...
2011-07-19 Ray StrodeRevert "Implement "disable account" password mode"
2011-07-19 Bastien NoceraImplement "disable account" password mode
2011-04-11 Matthias ClasenAdd a 'system-account' property to users
2011-03-18 Frédéric Pétersdaemon: correctly free the array of groups
2011-03-17 Ray Strodedaemon: treat root user as admin
2011-03-17 David Zeuthendaemon: drop desktop_<role>_r group checks
2011-03-17 David Zeuthendaemon: drop supervised user concept
2011-03-17 Bastien Nocerauser: Make it possible to disable the user icon
2011-03-10 Ray Strodedaemon: be less chatty
2011-02-24 Matthias ClasenAdd a function to get the uid of a user
2011-02-01 Ray Strodedaemon: Add api for storing/retrieving session
2011-01-27 Matthias ClasenChange policy used for autologin
2010-04-05 Matthias ClasenAlways emit changed signal when setting user photo
2010-03-30 Matthias ClasenSupport ~/.face icons
2010-03-30 Matthias ClasenBe more careful when copying the icon file
2010-03-30 Matthias ClasenMake it build
2010-03-26 Matthias ClasenRemove some dead code
2010-03-26 Matthias ClasenHandle large numbers of groups
2010-03-26 Matthias ClasenDrop SetIconData
2010-03-26 Matthias ClasenMake SetIconFile more versatile
2010-03-25 Matthias ClasenRedo password mode handling
2010-03-25 Matthias ClasenAlways require admin privs for changing usernames
2010-03-25 Matthias ClasenSet loginuid properly when running commands on behalf...
2010-03-25 Matthias ClasenRefactor logging into separate files
2010-03-25 Matthias ClasenProperly handle third-party changes
2010-03-25 Matthias ClasenChange handling of account locking
2010-03-25 Matthias ClasenAdd some validation of image data
2010-03-25 Matthias ClasenRemove special handling for setting your own password
2010-03-19 Matthias ClasenAvoid extraneous commandline parsing
2010-01-24 Matthias ClasenUse syslog instead of g_warning
2010-01-23 Matthias ClasenCleanups
2010-01-22 Matthias ClasenStreamline privileges
2010-01-20 Matthias ClasenAdd 'automatic-login' as a user property
2010-01-15 Matthias ClasenGenerate and include config.h
2010-01-15 Matthias ClasenFix compile warnings
2010-01-12 Matthias Claseninitial commit