Added fronted for setting user roles.
[accounts-service-plus:accounts-service-plus.git] / data / org.freedesktop.Accounts.User.xml
2012-08-06 Rūdolfs MazursAdded fronted for setting user roles.
2011-09-04 Matthias ClasenFix doc formatting
2011-04-11 Matthias ClasenAdd a 'system-account' property to users
2011-03-17 David Zeuthendaemon: drop supervised user concept
2011-03-08 Ray Strodedaemon: add XSession property to dbus-glib goo
2011-02-01 Ray Strodedaemon: Add api for storing/retrieving session
2010-03-26 Matthias ClasenDrop SetIconData
2010-03-25 Matthias ClasenAlways require admin privs for changing usernames
2010-03-25 Matthias ClasenChange handling of account locking
2010-03-25 Matthias ClasenRemove special handling for setting your own password
2010-01-22 Matthias ClasenStreamline privileges
2010-01-21 Matthias ClasenFirst cut at api docs
2010-01-20 Matthias ClasenAdd 'automatic-login' as a user property
2010-01-12 Matthias Claseninitial commit