last changeSat, 20 Aug 2011 02:47:43 +0000 (19:47 -0700)
2011-08-20 warrenb213Enabled 32BPP in Kernel video driver.... I think. master
2011-08-17 warrenb213kgsl updates:
2011-08-17 warrenb213Tweaked the Audio levels a bit more.
2011-08-17 warrenb213Added the HTC Auto White Balance Calibration to the...
2011-08-17 warrenb213Modded compile script a tid bit
2011-07-26 warrenb213Fixed Prox Sensor location permissions to 666.
2011-07-26 warrenb213Fixed whitespace and tab errors as per cope.
2011-07-26 warrenb213Properly parsed this blarf as per Cope. Unsure if...
2011-07-26 warrenb213Fixed CallRec command
2011-07-26 warrenb213changed the LS polling to 2.5 seconds
2011-07-24 warrenb213Sourced from Tytung: htcleo: sent missing AT commands...
2011-07-23 warrenb213Enabled Two-Way Call Recording again
2011-07-23 warrenb213Enabled the ABILITY to undervolt and operate voltage...
2011-07-14 warrenb213Trying with SLOW WORK disabled
2011-07-14 warrenb213Revert "Add latest version of yaffs2 (from 4 Jun 2011)"
2011-07-13 warrenb213really fixed the if statement... lol
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