2009-04-21 Axel BeckertArgh, which doesn't give the empty string on no result!
2009-04-21 Axel Beckert-n doesn't seem to work here...
2009-04-21 Axel BeckertBATTERY check: Replace '] && [' by an if cascade. ...
2009-04-21 Axel BeckertBATTERY check: Replace '-a' by '] && ['
2009-04-21 Axel BeckertDisable BATTERY display on hosts inside the phys.ethz...
2009-04-21 Axel Beckertremove zsh version number from prompt for now, it's...
2009-04-21 Axel Beckertalias fehxv instead of tcsh-like xv alias
2009-04-21 Axel Beckert.zsh/history instead of .zsh_history
2009-04-20 Axel Beckertkeephack from grml
2009-04-20 Axel Beckertreplace /etc/zsh/*.d with /home/abe/.zsh/*.d in grml...
2009-04-20 Axel Beckertcompdef autossh=ssh
2009-04-19 Axel Beckertlessfile/lesspipe
2009-04-19 Axel BeckertAdd a file for changing grml-styles
2009-04-19 Axel BeckertFixed a typo in a variable name
2009-04-19 Axel BeckertAdding an initial .gitignore
2009-04-19 Axel BeckertAdded grml's zshrc
2009-04-18 Axel BeckertInitial import of my old zshrc splitted up,