Automatically create shortcuts to host and host group directories
[abe:zshrc.git] / zshrc
2012-08-10 Axel BeckertMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-08-01 Axel BeckertConsistently use [[ ... ]] instead of [ ... ] for testing
2012-08-01 Axel BeckertCleaner and less forking implementation of zsh.d
2009-05-08 Axel Beckertzcompile/zwc support
2009-05-08 Axel BeckertSetting ZDOTDIR in .zshenv
2009-05-07 Axel BeckertSupport more zsh files in ~/.zsh/
2009-04-18 Axel BeckertInitial import of my old zshrc splitted up,