Prefix one more function listed together with aliases with 'function'
[abe:zshrc.git] / zsh.d / 55-hash
2010-07-27 Axel BeckertAdd some more hashes for /pub/debian-local/configs...
2010-02-23 Axel BeckertAdd shortcut ~policy
2009-10-30 Axel BeckertCheck domainname only once and save result in $[NIS...
2009-10-30 Axel BeckertUse the same test for D-PHYS hosts everywhere
2009-09-14 Axel Beckert[: s/-p/-o/
2009-09-14 Axel BeckertNew IMAP server phd-imap, $HOST already available
2009-07-06 Axel BeckertD-PHYS specific directory hashes
2009-05-07 Axel BeckertHashes. Not so much for now since all other I need...