Move all cd stuff into its own file
[abe:zshrc.git] / zsh.d / 50-alias
2010-11-05 Axel BeckertMove all cd stuff into its own file
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertCosmetics for the wcd function
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertFix syntax error
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertPrefix one more function listed together with aliases...
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertUnalias only if alias exists
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertFix missing quoting
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertAdd +0 function
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertSupport autojump
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertAdd alias for aptitude search
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertAdd wcd support if installed
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertSafeguard xd function due to xd not available in Lenny
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertReactivate lpr function
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertPrefix functions listed together with aliases with...
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertAlias df to df -TP | column -t
2010-11-04 Axel BeckertAdd mount without arguments as alias for mount | column -t
2010-10-22 Axel Beckertalias assh -> function assh
2010-09-30 Axel BeckertAdd apt-cache showsrc aliases
2010-09-30 Axel BeckertFix typo
2010-09-30 Axel BeckertAdd some apt-get/aptitude related aliases
2010-09-29 Axel BeckertSome apt-file and apt-show-version shortcuts
2010-05-24 Axel Beckertdeactivate ssh agent forwarding, it doesn't work with...
2010-05-24 Axel Beckertadd 'compdef asc=ssh' as suggested by jhr
2010-04-02 Axel BeckertFunction apt-rbdepends from #299228
2010-01-30 Axel Beckertxd is a one liner function
2010-01-30 Axel BeckertAdd xd support
2009-10-30 Axel BeckertTwo 'autossh screen -RD' fight. Use -d instead -D.
2009-10-15 Axel BeckertFunktion asc braucht kein X-Forward
2009-09-21 Axel BeckertOpenSSL Certificate Info functions
2009-08-29 Axel BeckertPrepend http() with function, otherwise python becomes...
2009-06-22 Axel Beckertnoglob all common text mode browsers
2009-06-21 Axel Beckertfunction asc: autossh -t $host screen -RDU
2009-06-21 Axel BeckertSome noglob aliases
2009-05-15 Axel BeckertSome alias and function fixes as well as reordering
2009-05-08 Axel Beckertnoglob aliases
2009-05-07 Axel BeckertMore aliases and more alias sorting
2009-05-07 Axel BeckertFirst aliases overhaul
2009-04-18 Axel BeckertInitial import of my old zshrc splitted up,