Prefix one more function listed together with aliases with 'function'
[abe:zshrc.git] / zsh.d / 05-grml
2010-10-23 Axel BeckertSource original upstream zshrc instead of copying it
2010-10-23 Axel BeckertSync with current grml zshrc
2010-08-02 Axel BeckertCheck for GNU/Hurd before setting the stack limit
2010-01-30 Axel BeckertMake it work within the limits of the N900
2009-04-24 Axel BeckertRemove conkeror alias from stone-age (as grml will...
2009-04-20 Axel Beckertreplace /etc/zsh/*.d with /home/abe/.zsh/*.d in grml...
2009-04-19 Axel BeckertAdded grml's zshrc