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2014-01-11 Bertho StultiensUpdate PIC version and RTC caps master
2014-01-11 Bertho StultiensIgnore more generated files
2014-01-11 Bertho StultiensAdd more images
2014-01-11 Bertho StultiensMake it easier to generate PDFs from the diagrams
2014-01-10 Bertho StultiensIgnore generated objects
2014-01-10 Bertho StultiensUpdate ignored files to git standard
2014-01-10 Bertho StultiensMove cvsignore to gitignore
2014-01-10 Bertho StultiensMove files to reorganize like before
2014-01-10 berthoAdd images to document progress
2014-01-10 berthoUpdate ignored files
2014-01-10 berthoRemove old BOM calculation; replaced with combined...
2014-01-10 berthoAdd BOM calculations
2014-01-10 berthoUpdate ignored files
2014-01-10 berthoAdd generated STL
2014-01-10 berthoAdd optional power injector
2014-01-10 berthoAdd annotated plaxiglass case plates
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