Don't load contacts on UI thread
[0xdroid:packages_apps_mms.git] / src / com / android / mms / ui /
2010-01-12 Tom TaylorDon't load contacts on UI thread
2009-11-19 Tom TaylorFix two Messaging contact updating bugs
2009-11-18 Tom TaylorFix ANR from calling Contact.get()
2009-11-14 Android (Google... Merge change I430b3e56 into eclair
2009-11-14 Tom TaylorFix null ref
2009-11-13 Android (Google... Merge change Iee6fa925 into eclair
2009-11-13 Tom TaylorDon't show Converting to MMS
2009-11-11 Tom TaylorFix a draft mix-up bug
2009-11-10 Wei Huangbug 2250049: need to allow email address when sending...
2009-11-06 Wei Huangbug 2236527: need to scrub the phone number before...
2009-11-05 Tom TaylorWrong contact header
2009-11-05 Wei Huangbug #2236535: when entering MMS compose screen via...
2009-11-04 Wei Huangbug #2236535: use an initial bad address (from a merged...
2009-10-23 Tom TaylorFix build
2009-10-23 Tom TaylorClear contact header
2009-10-20 Tom TaylorShow "converting to mms" message
2009-10-09 Wei Huangbug 2170766: call ContactHeaderWidget.bindFromEmail...
2009-10-08 Eric Fischeram 147d4bd4: (-s ours) Import revised translations...
2009-10-06 Android (Google... Merge change Ie05aa504 into eclair
2009-10-06 Tom TaylorLaunch a forward activity
2009-10-05 Tom TaylorDon't automatically go back to ConversationList
2009-10-02 Wei Huangbug 2161715: don't decode the large JPEG into Bitmap...
2009-09-30 Android (Google... Merge change Ib02a550d into eclair
2009-09-30 Android (Google... Merge change I7e0211f6 into eclair
2009-09-30 Android (Google... Merge change I0254cb89 into eclair
2009-09-30 Wei Huangbug 2154878: don't show the recipients editor after...
2009-09-29 Android (Google... Merge change I2dea223c into eclair
2009-09-29 Android (Google... Merge change I13cc5598 into eclair
2009-09-29 Wei Huangbug 2152101: when displaying a new sms message from...
2009-09-28 Android (Google... Merge change I84e31b96 into eclair
2009-09-28 Tom TaylorDon't change focus
2009-09-28 Android (Google... Merge change I6842a231 into eclair
2009-09-28 Tom TaylorFix a monkey crasher
2009-09-28 Tom TaylorDon't use auto-requery
2009-09-27 Android (Google... Merge change 27081 into eclair
2009-09-25 Tom TaylorConfig to disable audio attachment
2009-09-25 Android (Google... Merge change 27012 into eclair
2009-09-25 Android (Google... Merge change 26940 into eclair
2009-09-25 Wei Huangtweak capture image intent extras.
2009-09-24 Tom TaylorFix forward focus
2009-09-23 Tom TaylorHandle multiple recipients in Contact Header
2009-09-23 Tom TaylorFix draft bug
2009-09-23 Wei Huangfix bug 2129498: take full resolution pics when attachi...
2009-09-21 Tom TaylorUse real contact list
2009-09-18 Android (Google... Merge change 25665 into eclair
2009-09-18 Wei HuangFix bug 2101262: when forwarding a message, make sure...
2009-09-17 Android (Google... Merge change 25612 into eclair
2009-09-17 Android (Google... Merge change 25583 into eclair
2009-09-17 Android (Google... Merge change 25500 into eclair
2009-09-17 Android (Google... Merge change 25543 into eclair
2009-09-17 Tom TaylorAdd MMS unsent limit
2009-09-16 Tom TaylorFix a monkey crasher
2009-09-16 Android (Google... Merge change 25339 into eclair
2009-09-16 Tom TaylorAdd start activity flag
2009-09-16 Wei Huangadd more logging in MMS. Try to catch an OOM error...
2009-09-15 Android (Google... Merge change 24975 into eclair
2009-09-14 Wei Huangfix bug 2119357: don't pass null to TextView.setTextkee...
2009-09-12 Android (Google... Merge change 24837 into eclair
2009-09-12 Tom TaylorFix logging
2009-09-11 Android (Google... Merge change 24760 into eclair
2009-09-11 Satish RoddomCursor position issues in composer
2009-09-11 Android (Google... Merge change 24736 into eclair
2009-09-11 Android (Google... Merge change 24732 into eclair
2009-09-11 Android (Google... Merge change 24715 into eclair
2009-09-11 Wei Huangfix memory leak in MMS (bug 2021095); don't rebuild...
2009-09-10 Android (Google... Merge change 24598 into eclair
2009-09-10 Android (Google... Merge change 24586 into eclair
2009-09-10 Tom TaylorAdjust keyboard setting
2009-09-10 Android (Google... Merge change 24459 into eclair
2009-09-10 Tom TaylorConfirm delete locked messages
2009-09-10 Android (Google... Merge change 24494 into eclair
2009-09-09 Wei HuangFix bug 2099044: don't display "convert to SMS ......
2009-09-09 Android (Google... Merge change 24239 into eclair
2009-09-08 Android (Google... Merge change 24261 into eclair
2009-09-08 Dmitri PlotnikovUpgrading to new Contacts email filter APIs.
2009-09-04 Christian GustafssonResize images when they exceed the MMS payload size
2009-09-04 Tom TaylorSave draft
2009-09-03 Android (Google... Merge change 23684 into eclair
2009-09-02 Android (Google... Merge change 23710 into eclair
2009-09-02 Wei Huangdon't crash due to bad contact url.
2009-09-01 Tom TaylorAttachments in landscape
2009-09-01 Android (Google... Merge change 23466 into eclair
2009-09-01 Mark Wagneruse resize mode so the virtual keyboard doesn't get...
2009-09-01 Android (Google... Merge change 23352 into eclair
2009-09-01 Wei Huangwhen handling onNewIntent(), we need to requery for...
2009-08-31 Satish RoddomCursor issue in draft messages
2009-08-30 Wei Huangfix bug 2087495: don't show the notification ticker...
2009-08-30 Android (Google... Merge change 23180 into eclair
2009-08-28 Mark Wagnerwhen binding the contact header widget use the right...
2009-08-26 Android (Google... Merge change 22538 into eclair
2009-08-26 Android (Google... Merge change 22739 into eclair
2009-08-26 Wei Huangsupport intent extra parameter "address" for launching...
2009-08-26 Wei Huangfix bug 2040009: when we hide the subject editor in...
2009-08-26 Chih-Chung ChangPass max recording duration parameter to video recorder.
2009-08-26 Android (Google... Merge change 22714 into eclair
2009-08-26 Android (Google... Merge change 22713 into eclair
2009-08-25 Android (Google... Merge change 22653 into eclair
2009-08-25 Wei Huangbug #2060208: in CMA.onNewIntent(), compare two convers...
2009-08-25 Android (Google... Merge change 22645 into eclair
2009-08-25 Wei HuangAdd onNewIntent() to ComposeMessageActivity, and add...