[libsdl] simplified build target.
[0xdroid:external_libsdl-12.git] / SDL.spec.in
2007-04-01 icculusDate: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 16:39:52 +0200
2006-06-27 sloukenInclude sdl.pc in the development RPM
2006-05-17 sloukenRemoved support for Darwin, due to build problems on...
2006-03-22 sloukenImproved DirectFB install detection
2006-02-20 sloukenAdded DESTDIR support
2006-02-16 sloukenNew configure-based build system. Still work in progre...
2005-09-08 icculusThe MacOSX Carbon/Cocoa/X11 all in one library patch...
2004-12-13 sloukenALSA is loaded dynamically now, so it's safe to build...
2002-05-31 slouken*** empty log message ***
2002-04-15 sloukenDon't build RPM archives that have ALSA dependencies
2002-03-31 sloukenRPM dependency fix courtesy of Edward Rudd
2002-03-06 sloukenFixed dynamic arts support.
2001-07-02 herculesAdd a symlink to SDL 1.2 for SDL 1.1
2001-04-26 herculesInitial revision