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2009-04-26 pmandinEnable Xbios audio for Magic
2009-01-15 pmandinUpdate Email
2006-09-15 pmandinUpdate to reflect driver changes
2006-08-02 pmandinAdd teamtap support (4 joypads adapter on 1 port)
2006-02-23 pmandinAdded preliminary support for MiNT /dev/mouse driver...
2006-01-06 pmandinDisable XBIOS driver for mouse and joystick under MiNT...
2005-08-10 pmandinDocument recent audio updates
2005-07-29 pmandinDisable XBIOS in interrupt also under Magic
2005-07-20 pmandinXBIOS in interrupt not usable under MiNT
2005-07-01 pmandinDocument IKBD hardware problem with mouse buttons and...
2005-06-29 pmandinDirect newbies to what to do
2005-05-31 pmandinAdd Centscreen extended modes support
2005-05-18 pmandinAdd Falcon Centscreen extension support
2005-03-07 pmandinDynamically create list of video modes, easier to add...
2004-12-06 pmandinDocument new OpenGL feature
2004-11-21 pmandinAdd OSMesa OpenGL support to the Atari GEM video driver
2004-11-17 pmandinAdd support for OpenGL on Atari using OSMesa, the offsc...
2004-10-31 pmandinNo need to try to emulate analog axis when SDL support...
2003-09-27 pmandinAtari CD-ROM support
2003-07-16 pmandinpmandin: Added Atari LDG shared object loader
2003-07-07 pmandinAtari MiNT: added more audio drivers
2002-12-07 sloukenUpdated Atari port for new system headers (thanks Patrice!)
2002-06-10 sloukenAdded Atari audio support (thanks Patrice!)
2002-03-26 slouken*** empty log message ***
2002-03-22 slouken*** empty log message ***
2002-03-10 sloukenAtari port cleanups from Patrice
2002-03-07 sloukenAdded Atari joystick support (thanks Patrice!)
2002-02-17 sloukenAdded initial support for Atari (thanks Patrice!)