[libsdl] simplified build target.
[0xdroid:external_libsdl-12.git] / Makefile.in
2007-12-31 sloukenClean up the test directory for release
2007-12-30 sloukenAdded symbian.zip to released files
2007-07-16 sloukenAdded support for building version.rc in Windows build.
2007-07-08 sloukenFixed configure warning about datarootdir
2007-07-05 sloukenFixed bug #436
2007-06-15 icculusRemoved some more EPOC stuff I missed.
2007-06-15 sloukenDon't install the extra SDL config headers or SDL_copying.h
2007-01-23 sloukenUpdated svn repository
2006-07-10 sloukenUpdated the snapshot build target to reflect the new...
2006-07-06 pmandinsdl.pc is in build directory, not source
2006-06-20 sloukenBug #250, pkg-config support contributed by Mikael...
2006-05-17 sloukenClean out the tests before creating distribution archive
2006-05-17 sloukenWhoops, clean files in the dist directory
2006-05-17 sloukengit-svn-id: svn.libsdl.org/trunk/SDL@2453 c70aab31...
2006-05-07 sloukengit-svn-id: svn.libsdl.org/trunk/SDL@2335 c70aab31...
2006-05-07 sloukenFixed bug #216
2006-05-04 sloukenThe install target depends on the libraries being built
2006-04-30 sloukenRemoved redundant rm
2006-04-26 sloukensubversion conversion complete!
2006-04-14 sloukenDon't hardcode the output directory
2006-04-13 sloukenAdded a delay so the warning message isn't accidentally...
2006-04-13 sloukenFixed bug #191
2006-03-23 sloukenFixed bug #171
2006-03-22 sloukenI'm dumping the old Xcode support, since it's too hard...
2006-03-14 slouken*** empty log message ***
2006-03-14 sloukenCFLAGS are separate from EXTRA_CFLAGS
2006-03-11 sloukenFixed make distclean
2006-03-08 slouken*** empty log message ***
2006-03-06 sloukenDate: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 19:00:45 +0100
2006-02-27 sloukenArgh, I forgot that zip merges files into the archive...
2006-02-27 sloukenBuild both the .tar.gz and .zip archives when creating...
2006-02-26 sloukenUpdated OS/2 build, yay!
2006-02-24 sloukenUpdated MacOS Classic MPW build
2006-02-23 slouken*** empty log message ***
2006-02-21 sloukenranlib needs to be run after the library is installed...
2006-02-21 slouken*** empty log message ***
2006-02-20 sloukenAdded rules to build libSDLmain.a
2006-02-20 sloukenSet the install permissions correctly
2006-02-20 sloukenPass LDFLAGS to the build system
2006-02-20 sloukenBlargle-fnargle dependencies and build rules
2006-02-20 sloukenAdded DESTDIR support
2006-02-20 sloukenFixed build dependencies... ugh
2006-02-20 slouken*** empty log message ***
2006-02-20 sloukenCompletely removed dependency on automake
2006-02-16 slouken*** empty log message ***