[libsdl] Initial Android port of famous libSDL
[0xdroid:external_libsdl-12.git] / src / video / SDL_sysvideo.h
2009-10-13 Jim Huang[libsdl] Initial Android port of famous libSDL
2009-10-10 sloukenDebian patch: 020_libcaca_new_api.diff
2009-04-02 sloukenHello.
2008-12-08 sloukenUpdated copyright date
2007-06-25 sloukenAdded initial support for Nintendo DS, based on the...
2006-10-29 icculusA few more AmigaOS things.
2006-04-27 sloukenImplemented bug #5
2006-04-27 sloukenImplemented bug #2, 117:
2006-03-14 sloukenWIN32 is no longer defined on Windows builds
2006-02-21 sloukenUse consistent identifiers for the various platforms...
2006-02-16 sloukenNew configure-based build system. Still work in progre...
2006-02-06 sloukenIt's now possible to build SDL without any C runtime...
2006-02-01 sloukenUpdated copyright information and removed rcs id lines...
2006-01-19 icculusUpdated Windows CE/PocketPC support...adds GAPI driver...
2005-11-23 icculusOS/2 port!
2005-11-22 icculusTo: sdl@libsdl.org
2005-09-08 icculusiPod Linux framebuffer support.
2005-04-17 icculusSome work on using accelerated alpha blits with hardwar...
2004-01-04 sloukenUpdated copyright information for 2004 (Happy New Year!)
2003-07-22 sloukenMerged in Ryan's multisample code for MacOS, and change...
2003-07-22 sloukenDate: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 15:13:47 -0400
2003-05-29 sloukenAdded initial support for RISC OS (thanks Peter Naulls!)
2002-10-05 sloukenAdded initial support for Dreamcast (thanks HERO!)
2002-08-20 sloukenUpdated for embedded Visual C++ 4.0
2002-08-19 sloukenAdded SDL_GL_STEREO for stereoscopic OpenGL contexts
2002-08-01 sloukenAdded initial support for PicoGUI (thanks Micah!)
2002-05-19 sloukenAdded David Hedbor's Qtopia patches
2002-03-06 sloukenUpdated copyright information for 2002
2002-03-06 sloukenRemoved the API changes to preserve SDL 1.2 stability
2002-03-05 slouken Added SDL_LockRect() and SDL_UnlockRect()
2002-02-17 sloukenAdded initial support for Atari (thanks Patrice!)
2001-12-14 sloukenUpdated the source with the correct e-mail address
2001-09-11 sloukenAdded initial support for EPOC/Symbian OS (thanks Hannu!)
2001-09-04 sloukenAdded support for DirectFB video on Linux (thanks Denis!)
2001-06-19 herculesAdded patches from FreeBSD ports
2001-06-07 herculesAdded initial support for Quartz video (thanks Darrell!)
2001-05-11 herculesAdded initial support for Nano-X (thanks Hsieh-Fu!)
2001-05-10 herculesDate: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 08:36:54 +0300
2001-04-26 herculesChanges since SDL 1.2.0 release
2001-04-26 herculesInitial revision