2010-09-23 Jaikumar GaneshMerge "A2dp SDP record: We only support player category... beagle-gingerbread
2010-09-23 Jaikumar GaneshA2dp SDP record: We only support player category.
2010-09-23 Jaikumar GaneshTemporary workaround for the Play / Pause problem.
2010-09-22 Jaikumar GaneshUpdate SDP records for AVRCP TG role.
2010-09-22 Jaikumar GaneshFix Headset Audio gateway SDP record.
2010-09-15 Jaikumar GaneshAdd local C flag for Broadcomm boards.
2010-09-13 Jaikumar GaneshUpdate SDP records for OPP
2010-09-13 Jaikumar GaneshAdd APIs for OOB Simple Secure pairing.
2010-08-24 Jean-Baptiste... merge -s ours from froyo-release so that upgrading...
2010-08-11 Luiz Augusto... Fix not unmarking temporary flag when a new key is...
2010-08-11 Luiz Augusto... Fix not deleting stored keys when a new one is created
2010-08-03 Jaikumar GaneshFix version number of input plugin.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshUpdate version in external project meta file.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshFix compilation issues due to upmerge to 4.69.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshUpdated header files for merge.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshUpdate version number to 4.69
2010-07-30 The Android... add meta-files about 3rd party projects
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshAdd voice dailing feature to the SDP record.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshFix links between lib and include directories.
2010-07-30 Doug KwanAdd missing libbluetooth in linker commands for executa...
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshChange version Number to 4.64
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshAndroid specific path changes to Bluez.
2010-07-30 Eric LaurentFix issue 2516842 Device runtime restarts while pairin...
2010-07-30 Bao LiangAllow configure default link policy in main.conf
2010-07-30 Nick PellyIncrease A2DP flush timeout from 120ms to 200ms.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshAdd an API to set the link timeout.
2010-07-30 Jean-Baptiste... Add an empty CleanSpec.mk
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshUpdate Bluetooth configuration path.
2010-07-30 Nick PellyAdd option to change sco packet type in scotest.
2010-07-30 Nick PellyUpdate userspace headers for SCO/eSCO packet selection...
2010-07-30 Nick PellyRevert "Set OPUSH SDP record supported format list...
2010-07-30 San Mehatbluez: Enable pand in build
2010-07-30 San Mehatbluez: pand: Enable android logging
2010-07-30 San Mehatbluez: Add Android.mk for pand (off by default)
2010-07-30 Nick PellyUse monotonically increasing clock for A2DP timing.
2010-07-30 Nick PellyStop trying to send A2DP packets quickly to catch-up...
2010-07-30 Nick PellyChanges flush timeout from 60 ms to 120 ms.
2010-07-30 Nick PellyFix liba2dp.c compiler warnings.
2010-07-30 Nick PellySet A2DP L2CAP socket to flushable while streaming...
2010-07-30 Nick PellyAdd L2CAP_LM_FLUSHABLE to Bluez header.
2010-07-30 Nick PellyAdd ACL flow control state (MTU, packets available...
2010-07-30 Yu Kang KuSend SBC frames if output buffer is nearly full.
2010-07-30 Nick PellyAdd support for sending Broadcom coexistance setup...
2010-07-30 Eric LaurentBluetooth A2DP suspend-resume improvements.
2010-07-30 Nick PellyAdd DBUS interfaces AddRfcommServiceRecord() and Remove...
2010-07-30 Nick PellyRemove redundant call to bluetooth_init().
2010-07-30 Zhu LanAdd Bluetooth A2DP suspend/resume to DBUS API.
2010-07-30 Ian Kentbluez a2dp - use a sensible write timeout
2010-07-30 Ian Kentbluez a2dp - fix wait_for_start() spurious wakeup
2010-07-30 Ian Kentbluez a2dp - fix wait_for_start() synchronization
2010-07-30 Ian Kentbluez a2dp - destroy thread attr after thread create
2010-07-30 Ian Kentbluez a2dp - destroy thread resources at exit
2010-07-30 Ian Kentbluez a2dp - fix a2dp_thread() spurious wakeup
2010-07-30 Ian Kentbluez a2dp - fix state machine synchronization
2010-07-30 Ian Kentbluez a2dp - syncronize worker thread start
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshFix agent_free call due to the picking up of upmerge...
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshAdd new Agent API : RequestPairingConsent.
2010-07-30 Nick PellyDo not advertise Voice Recognition support in HF AG...
2010-07-30 James LuanChange UART speed before Bluetooth firmware download.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshDon't bail out if Discovery is in progress when getting...
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshChange version number to 4.47.
2010-07-30 Nick PellyDon't advertise AVRCP Controller support in SDP records.
2010-07-30 Mike Lockwoodsbc: Enable neon optimizations.
2010-07-30 Mike Reeddisable neon extras until they build properly
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshAdd A2DP_INIT command and state.
2010-07-30 Mike Lockwoodliba2dp: Fix timeout computation in wait_for_start()
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshRead the error code separately in a recv call.
2010-07-30 Jing YuCorrect the buggy return instruction.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshChange sdp socket path to be compatible for Android.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshRead BT_SUGGESTED_BUFFER_SIZE bytes in recv call.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshAdd capabilities to bluetoothd.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshAdd Android system properties to set the device name...
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshDisable btiotest and hciemu to reduce space.
2010-07-30 Jaikumar GaneshMake android specific changes to bluez4.
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannRelease 4.69
2010-07-13 Vinicius Costa... Add ledc command to hcitool
2010-07-13 Johan HedbergFix missing whitespace in telephony-maemo6
2010-07-13 Luiz Augusto... telephony-maemo6: add ClearLastNumber method
2010-07-13 Elvis PfützenreuterMake FindAdapter() accept lower-case hex addresses
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannRefuse connections if no NAP server is registered
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannHandle network server application disconnects
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannUse "Network service" for network SDP record description
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannAdd support for starting/stopping network NAP server
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannRemove last crufts of overbloated network configuration
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannRemove unused network configuration disable checking
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannAdd test script for testing NAP network server
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannAdd a few more comments for network server and BNEP...
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannDon't show an error if network.conf is not available
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannRemove double g_option_context_free() call
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannProvide only new network server D-Bus API
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannRemove the crufty old attempt for network server API
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannRemove unused options from network example configuration
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannRemove some outdated server code from network plugin
2010-07-13 Marcel HoltmannAdd API description for network server interface
2010-07-12 Vinicius Costa... Add handle and timeout parameters to hci_le_create_conn
2010-07-12 Vinicius Costa... Fix naming inconsistency for LTK Reply command
2010-07-12 Vinicius Costa... Fix a inconsistency in OCF_SET_LE_EVENT_MASK
2010-07-12 Johan HedbergRename Register/UnregisterApplication to Create/Destroy...
2010-07-12 Jose Antonio... Add first proposal for Health Device Profile API
2010-07-12 Marcel HoltmannRelease 4.68