2010-02-05 The Android... reconcile main tree with open-source eclair beagle-eclair master beagle-eclair-0x4 beagle-eclair-0x5
2010-01-29 The Android... reconcile android-2.1_r1 snapshot
2010-01-12 The Android... android-2.1_r1 snapshot
2009-08-01 Jean-Baptiste... add license tag file beagle-donut android-1.6_r1 android-1.6_r1.1 android-1.6_r1.2 android-sdk-1.6-docs_r1 android-sdk-1.6_r1 android-sdk-tools_r2 beagle-donut-0x3 beagle-donut-startpoint
2009-06-10 San Mehatblktrace: Remove vim swap file
2009-06-04 San Mehatblktrace: Disable build if simulator, + disable in...
2009-06-03 San Mehatblktrace: Initial checkin of ported version
2009-06-03 The Android... new project, first commit